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Responding to Zionist Propaganda - دحض الدعاية الصهيونية : The Diaries of Yossef Nachmani

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Mazin Al Nahawi on October 24, 2012

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was instrumental in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in the 1948 Nakba, and continues to play a central role in maintaining Israel's regime of apartheid. The JNF provided political, financial and intelligence support for the Zionist forces in their conquest, massacres and ethnic cleansing operations that characterized the 1948-49 war and the Palestinian Nakba. Today, the JNF controls vast properties belonging to millions of Palestinians, developing them exclusively for persons of "Jewish nationality," a concept established and promoted in the JNF's charter to exclude all others.
The JNF was created in 1901 to acquire land and property rights in Palestine and beyond for exclusive Jewish settlement. While indigenous Palestinians are barred from leasing, building on, managing or working their own land, the JNF holds the
land in trust for "those of Jewish race or descendency" living anywhere in the world to "promote the interests of Jews in the prescribed region." Link:

The Diaries of Yossef Nachmani follows the story of Yossef, the Jewish National Fund's main agent in the Tiberias region, as he played a key role in promoting and executing the policy of evicting Palestinians from their homes and land during the Nakba in 1948, demonstrating many of the methods that were used in this process.

Documentary - Director: Dalia Karpel, 2005.


Video Source:

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