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Posted by morad aldUmiri on NOVEMBER-19-2010 #126207

My name is MORAD FAYEZ RADI SALEH AL DUMERI,my family left Haifa in 1948 andlived in Tolkarem Camp untel 1967 and then left to Jordan and from there to Kuwait.last time i went to Plastine was in 1985.One day GOD WILLING i will go back to mu home land .Iwould like to thank every one participated on this web and god bless you all
Posted by morad aldUmiri on NOVEMBER-19-2010 #126206

My name is MORAD FAYEZ RADI SALEH AL DUMERI,my family left Haifa in 1948
Posted by emad alnasser on SEPTEMBER-2-2010 #120730

اخواني الكرام في عرب الضمايره
ممكن اي احد يعطيني
معلومات عن الشيخ ابو فرج المدفون في الضمايره
او حد عندو صور للمقام
Posted by belal alsaidi on FEBRUARY-25-2007 #14112

assalam aleekom:
my best regards to whome issu this site, and god pless him.
im belal mohammad abdulrahman asa'd fares alsaidi.
my family was living in damaireh before nakaba, my god father told too much about damaireh. so welcome for who know more about damaireh.hoping meet in damaireh inshallah.
Posted by nada abo arisha on JUNE-1-2005 #8858

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،
أنا ندى من قرية الفريديس، قريبة من الضمايرة، هناك عائلة ضمايرة تعيش في قريتنا، هم هُجّروا إلى قريتنا، وهناك زميلي في الضف من عائلة ضمايرة. إذا أردتم أن تعرفوا المزيد وتتعرفوا على عائلتكم في قريتنا يمكنكم مراسلتي على عنوان البريد التالي:
Posted by Faisal Damiri on MARCH-12-2005 #8488

صدفة وجدت هذا الموقع , انني سعيد جدا به
أحنّّ الى الضمايرة / حيفافأنا من أهلها موطن ابائي واجدادي لم اراها ولكنني اعرفها, اعرف الظهرة والطعوس وابو فرج ونهر المفجر وشجر الكيناوالبيارات واتمنى ان اراها عمّا قريب
تحياتي ومحبتي لمن ساهم في انشاء هذا الموقع
Posted by Dina Al Damiri on OCTOBER-31-2002 #3309

For ever, i've only dreamed of what my village looked like, wishing that for a moment time would stop and i would go back and see it. The place that held my whole family together and that once existed and will always exist in my heart and soul. Being one of the 3rd generation and an immigrant of another country, creates a stonger and patriotic force that drives me to an important aim in my life and that is to represent my country as a soul that will live on for ever.
Thank you for showing pictures of my home village that got destroyed and occupied.
It was very touching.
Posted by maher on JULY-30-2002 #2657

I would like to thank you very much for keeping us remember our land which will not forget it ever.
most of al damairi family staying now in tulkarm camp and some in Jordan and other arab countries.
I do appreciate your valuable efforts.
once again thank you and best regards
Maher Damairi