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Zakariyya - زكرية : Village mosque remain standing, 1987
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Zakariyya - زكرية : Village mosque remain standing, 1987

Scanned from "All That Remains" by Dr. Walid Khalidi Uploaded on January 6, 2000
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Posted by عائلة الخطيب on April 16, 2013 #149544

الله اكبر...
Posted by عبد الرحمن عودة on January 20, 2008 #27493

مرحبا انا عبد الرحمن عودة من الاردن وتحياتي الحارة الكم
Posted by Hani Abu Laban on December 28, 2007 #26121

Many thanks for your effrots
Posted by SHARIF SHAMROUKH on August 26, 2007 #19549

The israeli occupation police tried to destroy this mosque twice by a bulldozer and everytime the bulldozer froze and couldn't proceed further. These incidents were witnessed by an Arab worker in the area. As a result, the Israeli occupation police turned the place to a police station for a long time.