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'Ayn Karim - عين كارم : Ayn Karem's Mosque (Matson Collection) 1900-1926
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'Ayn Karim - عين كارم : Ayn Karem's Mosque (Matson Collection) 1900-1926

Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri Uploaded on February 22, 2008
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Posted by mais awadh on February 7, 2010 #103068

thank you alot for showing this picture it realy mens alot to see even one picture from our beloved country we love you Ain Karem we will return
Posted by Fadi Hasan saeed on October 21, 2009 #92597

I`m really happy to see this photo and that masjid as my father -Hassan Hussein saeed- told me is masjid albalad and the boys school.
I wish from my heart to visit AIN KAREM with my Parents as soon as possible and to be free from all jewish..........
ya rabb
Posted by Elie Giries on March 12, 2009 #70459

I agree the two men walking on the right are my father Hanna Giries and the young man walking next to him is my brother David.Thanks for this great website. We will never forget our beloved town Ain Karem.
Posted by معين عمر داود on February 26, 2009 #68889

الاخ عمار ،لقد ارسلت لك email بخصوص هذا الصورة،الرجاء الرد.وشكرا
Posted by leila dibsy giries on January 22, 2009 #64891

The two men walking on the right, my father in-law Hanna Giries and the young man with him is his son David (my husband). I was so delighted to see this picture. I thank you for this website and sharing these memorable pictures. I hope to visit my beloved Ain Karim soon.
Posted by rami abdallah on January 15, 2009 #63905

اشكر جميع من وضع هذه الصور الجميله والشيقه لبلدي عين كارم الحبيبه والتي انشاءالله سوف نعود أليها عن قريب واريد ان اقول عن قهر يصيبني الان ( حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل باليهود)
Posted by ابوحبة-آل يونس-حمولة زغب on October 27, 2008 #55727

تحية طيبة لكم وبارك فيكم على هذه الصور الرائعة
واعدكم ان تمكنت من الحصول على صور عن عين كارم ان اضعها على الموقع
بالنسبة للمسجد الموجود بالصورة
فأسمه مسجد البلد وهو مسجد قديم جدا وقد دنسه اليهود بأخر
فترة وحاولوا تحويله الى مكان للرذيلة وملهي وبار
الا ان مؤسسة الاقصى حالت دون فعل ذلك
Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri on July 29, 2008 #47528

Ms. Leila,

I must tell you that I am elated with your comment below. This is really remarkable that you were able to identify the two gentlemen who were walking by the mosque in Ain Karem several decades ago. So the guy without the 'tarboush' is your husband & the one next to him is his father. I am really happy with your exciting news. I am glad that I was able to find & the photo for people like you & hopefully many more in the near future.
Please stay active with this site to keep things current & moving. Tell your friends & neighbors about this website.

Leila, many thanks for sharing your valuable information regarding this picture with us.

Kind Regards

Posted by leila dibsy giries on July 29, 2008 #47455

The picture taken by the water spring near the mosque, I recognized my father inlaw(Hanna Giries) wearing the tarbush and his son (David) my husband. I thank you for keeping our homeland alive!!!!!!!!!!!!