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Sataf - صطاف : Ein Sataff
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Sataf - صطاف : Ein Sataff

Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri Uploaded on April 14, 2008
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Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri on May 31, 2008 #40183

Om Dawood,

Thanks for your comment regarding my Sataf pictures. They are new and I am a frequent visitor to Sataf. I consider myself from every village, town and city. Please stay active & keep commenting on this website. Get your friends & neighbors involved.

Many Thanks & Best Regards.
Posted by om dawood-hadya waqqad on April 19, 2008 #35284

شكرا اخي على هذه الصور ولكن ما يلفت الانتباه ان هذه الصور جديده فهل انت اخي من صطاف ؟وهل قمت بزيارتها من مدة قريبه؟