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Posted on July 18, 2007
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Posted by kamel amer on May 7, 2015 #156496

Please come back to this is the best for all Palestinians because you can find news about all towns and villages ....thanks, wishing that this cry could affect all those concerned....
kamel amer/ rantis
Posted by Jim Walker on January 19, 2014 #153551

Beyond the fact that your historic claims are spurious to put it mildly, you also overlook the entire issue of financial compensation for those that believe they were dispossessed as a fair settlement. The world spends billions of dollars every year on issues connected to the Middle East. If the issue were really about them, they could live the life of princes. The issue is really about Arab monarch's trying to slow the drive towards democracy by turning their people's attention towards the Jews. It's sad.
Posted by معين عبدالرحمن ابو سخيلة on January 12, 2014 #153470

قالها والدي المرحوم الحاج ابو اسماعيل ابو سخيلة يجب أن نعود لقريتنا برير حارة المقالدة
Posted by maria del carmen altamirano on March 14, 2013 #149117

busco familia palestina con tres hijos radicada en Córdoba- argentina año 1947, tenia comercio en calle Belgrano o Tucumán esquinqa 27 de Abril con otros familiares en zona Once Bs. Aires.
Posted by lila on November 22, 2012 #147475

I'm traing to fainfd information abut house No 28 in yefet st.
If somone have pictures or information abut the original owners, I'll be gratful
Posted by fromano on November 4, 2012 #147187

Dear Friends,

You are welcome to join us for the November Interfaith Freedom Marches:

Jenin,West Bank, Wed., Nov. 21, 2012, 2:30 pm, Main Square, Abu Baker Street
Ramallah, West Bank, Friday, Nov. 23, 2012, 12:30 pm, Manara Square
Jerusalem, Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012, 2:30 pm, Damascus Gate, Old City

My friends, it’s no longer possible to say, “Ah, that’s the other side of the World, what does this place have to do with me, my family, my world….”

The people in the Holy Land, Muslims, Jews and Christians alike, are enshrouded by deep suffering, terrible restrictions on freedoms, limitation of circulation, restricted access, unfair confiscation of land, etc. Whenever that happens in the World, we all suffer because I truly believe, my friends, we are all connected.

When they are free (of suffering, etc.), only then can we be free!

As such, the occupation of the West Bank must end as a precursor to peaceful coexistence.

It’s time we all do something about it, in an effective, non-violent way.

Let this march be a precursor to freedom through love and understanding by bringing all people together in the cosmic light, as brothers and sisters and as children of the creator, showing the world that all people want peace in Israel and Palestine.

Dr. Frank Romano
A Land Day Organizer: March 30, 2012, Qalandia Checkpoint
Professor: University of Paris
Member of the California and French Bars
Author: Love and Terror in the Middle East
Posted by Maram Abumaree on September 29, 2012 #146343

My family name is Abumaree. It is also spelled as Abomaray/Aboumaray/Abu mari My father is from Huj (هوج‎), now called 'Dorot' (דּוֹרוֹת) and located in southern 'Israel'. My mother is from Najd (نجد), now called 'Sderot' (שְׂדֵרוֹת) also located in southern 'Israel'.

31 May 1948, the villagers of Huj (هوج‎) were expelled to the Gaza Strip. I have family in Jabalya (جباليا) Refugee Camp, Khan Younis (خان يونس), and Rafah (رفح‎)Camp.

My extended family own ABU MARI CO. FOR INDUSTRY & GENERAL TRADING in Asqula - 120 Elthaltine St. in Gaza. (

I also have family in Amman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. (Jeddah and Riyadh) I live in New Zealand.

I wonder, do I have family elsewhere?
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 22, 2012 #145736

الأخوه أحرار العالم : شاركوا أخوتكم الفلسطينين مقاطعة المنتجات الإسرائيليه والرمز 729
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 22, 2012 #145735

الى جميع من يهمهم مقاطعة المنتجات الإسرائيليه , يوجد على كل منتج صناعي أو زراعي رموز رقمبه تدل على بلد الإنتاج وخصائص ذلك المنتج , والرقم 729 خاص بالمنتجات الإسرائيليه , وللتوضيح إخفظ الرقم 729 .
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 29, 2012 #145366

بعد الإفطار تابعت برنامجا تلفزيوني , مسلسل عن فلسطين ....وإسرائيل , رأيت الحطة الفلسطينيه.. وعدت بالذاكره الى مصنع المرحوم يوسف الشريف- العم أبو عفيف - الذي كان ينسج تلك الحطه , ورأيت كذلك الثوب الفلسطيني والتطريز عليه . قماش الثوب صناعة أهل المجدل والتطريز كانت تقوم به نساء المجدل الذين يسكنون حيّا فيها يقال له حارة الطلسه
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 25, 2012 #144747

صار حديثنا عن فلسطين كالبكاء على الأطلال ..... ليتها أطلال ... ولكنها إسرائيل
Posted by van snow on January 10, 2012 #140869

there is no god but GOD and muhammad is the prophet of GOD.this i trully beleive. van snow
Posted by van snow on January 10, 2012 #140868

my heart bleeds for all my palestanian brothers and have alot of people like me and like rachel corrie who gave her life supporting sad rachel corries was such a fine young american that gave her life for you.i love you all as you are all my brothers and are always welcome at my home. van snow
Posted by Sans?o Da Cruz on November 26, 2011 #139793

تحقيق أيديولوجيات الحرية من خلال الديمقراطية هو واجب من واجبات المواطنة والتزامات لاحترام الميثاق الدستوري لدولة ذات سيادة تحترم الحكومة من خلال ممثلين مفوضين من المجتمعات المحلية من خلال الأصوات، وتهدف لتحقيق المساواة بين الناس ، والرفاه بين الخيارات الدين، واحترام حرية الفكر الفردي والذي يقول عن الشبه من الله.

شمشون كوزمي الصليب
قضيب من الحديد
Posted by softwaresoftwar on November 20, 2011 #139675

OMG! It's like you understand my mind! You seem to know so much about this, just like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, besides that, this is great blog. A outstanding read. I'l
Posted by Farid Shublaq on September 23, 2011 #138100

If we are obliged to live just in a cottage because of the Israelis have stolen so much of our land, we shall live in tents or cottages waiting the moment to liberate our proporties in Palestine.
Posted by dderange on September 11, 2011 #137727

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Posted by newarrenfeverle on September 2, 2011 #137518

Awesome site you've got here. Looks like you really know your stuff. I'm glad I found this in my searches.I realy liked your angle that you have on the topic. Certainly wasn't planning on this at the time I begun browsing for tips. Your ideas were totally
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 15, 2011 #137037

أخي الفلسطيني : لا تقبل إلا أن تكون ألأول على كل صعيد وفي أية قطر تكون. وكن واثقا أننا عائدون عائدون مهما طال الزمن.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 4, 2011 #136767

نداءات أخرى عن فواكه فلسطين : بربراوى يا عنب نسبة الى قريةبربره جنوب فلسطين , ريحاوي يا موز نسبة الى أريحاغور الأردن
Posted by Abed dakak on August 2, 2011 #136748

Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 28, 2011 #136629

ما زال يسكن أذني نداء بائع الفواكه " يافاوي يا برتقال
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 18, 2011 #136370

أكدت صحيفة معاريف أن تسيبني ليفني وزيرة خارجية إسرائيل ووريثة المعارضه الإسرائيليه حاليا قد تلقت عقدا مرصعا بالجواهر لا يقدر بثمن من الأميره سلمى زوجة العاهل المغربي
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 6, 2011 #136038

البابور: جزء من تاريخ فلسطين
كان في المجدل داخل الأراضي الفلسطينيه المحتله عام 1948 بابوران يقدمان خدمات الطحن للقمح والذره والحبوب وتخزينها لفلاحي المنطقه , أحدهما بابور الشريف والآخر بابور نجم
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 25, 2011 #135643

أريحا - فلسطين
يعود وجودها الى الألف السابع قيل الميلاد , لتكون أقدم مدينة لا تزال مسكونة حتى الزمان الحاضر
Jericho -Palestine: The oldest city still inhibited until the present time, its existence date back to the seventh millennium BC , to be the oldest city inhabited until the present time.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 22, 2011 #135554

Massacres of the Zionist enemy:
1947 massacre of the town of martyr Sheikh 480.
1948 Deir Yassin, martyr 350.
1948 Abo Shusha , massacre of 50 martyrs.
1948 Lod martyr 426.
1953 Qibyah 70 martyrs.
1956 Qalqilya 70 martyrs.
1982 Camps of Sabra and Shatila 3500 martyrs.
Posted by oscar on June 20, 2011 #135485

español al árabe

مرحبا أصدقاء أنا من تشيلي وأود أن وضع الدكتور Mrisat طلال ، الذي درس طب الأسنان في خاركوف Ucrania.quisiera ما اذا كان يمكنني مساعدتك لي للرد على بريدي : oscar.kine @ agradesco هو في الروح وقوامها تشيلي -- أمريكا الجنوبية صديقي طمرة
Posted by Faisal Saladin on June 3, 2011 #135040

Assalamu Alaikum:

I am a revert to Islam. I will love to visit Palestine. Can any Br of Palestine help me in this context?.

May Allah (SWT) ease circumstances in favor of our br's and Sis's in occupied territories.

Posted by Elias D, Gerolymbos on May 26, 2011 #134744

I am pleased that Hamas and Fatah they found out.
Be united.
Posted by Vickie Mansour-Hasan on April 12, 2011 #132727


Contact me if you have any information about our village, Qula
Posted by rivka vitenberg on April 3, 2011 #132359

every friday afternoon, demonstration in Sheir Jarar againt the occupation. every tuesday in Lod against houses demolition
Posted by Elias Haddad on March 27, 2011 #132018


This question is regarding British Passports issued during 1917-1948.

Are descendants of Palestinians who were issued British Passports eligible for British citizenship today?

Thanks for feedback.

Viva Palestina!!!!
Posted by ahsan_riaz on March 8, 2011 #131300

see the video""
Posted by Kenven on February 2, 2011 #130022

please,i would like help to one any familly in ramallah. please send me adress of some organization in ramallah. my adress is or Ven Kenven on Facebook. thank you.
Croatia is with Palestinian people!
Freedom for Palestina!!!!
Posted by Vladan on January 26, 2011 #129641

Salam alaikum. I live in the Czech Republic, can somehow be helpful to your case?

السلام عليكم. أنا أعيش في الجمهورية التشيكية، ويمكن الى حد ما مفيدة لقضيتك؟
Posted by Farid Shublaq on December 31, 2010 #128478

أم كامل وخيمتهافي القدس : أدام الله عزمك وإرادتك ونضالك في سبيل الحريه، ودمت أما لأحرار العالم
Posted by leslienn on December 6, 2010 #127221

need help finding husbands family in yabrud would apprechiate any help
Posted by Farid Shublaq on December 1, 2010 #126957

القائد العظيم المثقف الحكيم
Posted by Abu El 3abed on December 1, 2010 #126952

No matter how long.
No matter how remote places.
No matter how many calamities.
Whatever increased injustice.

Palestine was and will remain to us,We are her family and her owners .
Every inch,stone and tree is Witness that we are the owners of the right and the truth.
Posted by Karmel Nabulsi on November 24, 2010 #126553

Bi izn illah raj3in ya Phalastine.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 22, 2010 #126397

Before 1948, my father-God's mercy for him-was like others in his time have wide culture of board aspects of life, including knowledge of the secrets of career construction , of course on the floor of the experiment.Has supervised the building of all the houses of his relatives. I still remember those stone facades of buildings. It was either of sandstone of Beersheba, or white stone from Hebron
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 22, 2010 #126392

من الأمثال في فلسطين : فلان مسبّع الكارات - بمعنى أنه يعرف سبعة حرف . والسؤال هنا لماذا سبعه؟ والجواب لأنها وجدة القياس في ذلك الزمن . أليس ذلك دليلا على عمقنا التاريخي في فلسطين
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 22, 2010 #126391

من ألأمثال في فلسطين : فلان مسّّبع الكارات , بمعنى أنه يعرف سبعة حرف. والسؤال هنا لماذا سبعه ؟ والجواب لأنها وحدة القياس في ذلك الزمن. أليس ذلك دليلا على عمقنا التاريخي في فلسطين ؟
Posted by edward marcus on November 14, 2010 #125793

Posted by edward marcus on November 14, 2010 #125792


lulu com and on kindle @
Posted by سماعنه on November 13, 2010 #125698

انا اسمي الفعلي بسام اعمر تحيه للاخوه المشاركين جميعا ما اريد قوله بسيط جدا ويدل على شيء اعظم الا وهو متى كانت اسرائيل دوله
وكلنا نعرف وسمعنا وقرانا التاريخ انه في عام 1948 وبعد احتلال بلادنا وسرقتها كان اول قرار لمجلس الامن هو الاعتراف بما يسمى دوله اسرائيل وكان لم يمضي على السرقه اكثر من شهرين أليس شيء غريب حقا ما جرى ؟؟ من هو السارق ومن اعترف بالسارق فورا لنا الله
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 11, 2010 #125548

السيد نتنياهو رئيس وزراءإسرائيل يقول : الإستيطان لا يعرقل السلام !!! أين ذلك الإستيطان ؟ على أراضي الغير طبعا....فالقول يجب أن يكون : مصادرة أراضي الغير وطردهم منها حق مكتسب للإستيطان لا يعرقل السلام ...Mr. Natanyahu Israel's prime minister says: Settlement does not hinder peace!!where is the settlement? In others territories. Confiscation of lands and expelled from the settlement of an acquired right to not impede the peace...
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 10, 2010 #125514

أعود بذاكرتي الى عام1947 فقد وفدت الي المجدل عائلة مغربية للعيش بيننا , فكان من والدي أن قدم لهم منزلا كان قيد الإنشاء ليسكنوه حتى يتدبروا أمرهم في كسب العيش , هاجروا معنا الي غزة ولم نعد نعرف أخبارهم , ربما عادوا الى المغرب .... كنا نعيش ثقافة العطاء الإنساني
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 8, 2010 #125373

المساهمه العربيه في الحضارة كان من ثمارها الخوارزمي عالم الجبر وإبن سينا في التعاليم الطبيه والفلسفة الشامله والإدريسي في فن رسم الخرائط المستمر الي اليوم وإبن رشد وعقلانيته الصارمه ...تلك هي مساهمات العرب التي منحت الإنسان القدره على تسخير الطبيعه فأين هي مساهمات إسرائيل !!!
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 6, 2010 #125285

Palestine was always our memories and our hope,memories might dissolved , but hope will continue as inheritance from generation to another.فلسطين كانت دائما ذكرياتنا وآمالنا , قد تذوب الذكريات , أما الآمال فميراث جيل الى آخر
Posted by Sans?o Da Cruz on November 6, 2010 #125237

Têm mais valor as lágrimas de um qualia inefável do que a vergonha de não ter tentado através das cúspides.o autoconhecimento. Earthdinbrazil 042153Nov10.

Tears are more worthy of an ineffable qualia than the shame of not trying cúsps.o through self-knowledge. Earthdinbrazil 042153Nov10.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 2, 2010 #124918

To-day marks the anniversary of Arthur Balfour promised fetal 1917 by gave him who does not have to who does not deserve, this issue and the creation of insoluble and probably for several centuries.1917 يصادف اليوم ذكرى وعد آرثر بلفور
الذي أعطاه من لا يملك الى من لا يستحق وخلق بذلك قضية عصية على الحل وربما لقرون عديده.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on November 1, 2010 #124830

المجدل مدينة فلسطينيه تقع شمال غزة وجنوب يافا والكلمة أراميه وتعني حصن . Majdal is a Palestinian city located north Gaza and
south Jaffa and the word is Aramaic means Fortress.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 29, 2010 #124670

مقابرغزه: كنت تلميذا في مدرسة الإمام الشافعي عام 1948 بعد أن تم طردنا من مدينة المجدل, كنت أراجع دروسي على قاعدة أحد القبور , وببساطة ودون تعقيد في الإجابه لم يكن في منزلنا مساحة أستطيع أن أدرس فيها . وقد أضافت أخبار اليوم أن عائلات كثيره تسكن تلك المقابر. أرجو أن تسمحوا لي أن أذكر أننا في عام 2010
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 29, 2010 #124634

For how long the Palestinians and Israelis conflict will continue? As long as the culture of both parts is based on
historical and military facts,that status will remain forever.Both sides should find or create a compromise.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 28, 2010 #124538

السيد صلاح منصور- أهنئك وأهنئ أحرار العالم بحوارك الرائع عبر قناة الجزيره مع السيد جوليان أسانج -موقع ويكليكس
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 26, 2010 #124427

Israel is doing everything it can to cancel the palestinians and their rights who have become a beacon of science and civilisation and more determined to reclaim their rights.
إسرائيل تفعل ما وسعها لإلغاء الفلسطينيين وحقوقهم وقد باتوا منارة علم وحضارة وأكثر تصميما على إستعادة حقوقهم
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 20, 2010 #124076

Israel calls Palestinians acceptance of terms of reference of the myths, that rolls its attachment to the Dead sea, which includes copies of the text of the Torah.
إسرائيل تطلب من الفلسطينيين القبول بمرجعية الأساطير , وذلك بتمسكها بلفائف البحر الميت التى تضم صورا من نصوص التوراة .
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 17, 2010 #123842

Ignoring Palestinian rights has caused Israeli solitude status.
تجاهل إسرائيل للحقوق الفلسطينيه أدى الى عزلتها
Posted by Alex Seymour on October 7, 2010 #123097

Dear Jaffa People. UK architect John Pawson is planning to build (in 2012) a large new hotel linking to the 19h century French Hospital and to the School of the Sisters of St Joseph. The site is apparently now a ruin (from 1948 or perhaps before?). Would anyone know what was 'originally' on the site? Is this building part of the judification of Jaffa and thus something to campaign against? I have uploaded a couple of pictures of how the building will look. It is currently features in a Design Museum exhibition for anyone lining or visiting London. Thanks.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 5, 2010 #122963

نشرت مجلة فايننشال تايمز أن مشترياتنا من الآسلحه بلغت 9 مليار دولار , وتؤكد حقائق التاريخ أن هزيمتنا عام 1948 كانت بسبب الأسلحة الفاسدة تغيرت المعطيات , ألا يجب أن تتغير الحقائق ؟؟
Posted by Farid Shublaq on October 1, 2010 #122643

Not only Israel insists to swallow land, but also to demolish History by insistance to remove Almaghariba quarter in Jerusalem. Those fighters who were a part of Saladin army liberated Jerusalem from hands of crusaders and insisted to remain in there to protect it from any further attack.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on September 27, 2010 #122376

Palestine name transferred to the territorial group of the town in Albania Bulst migrated to this region and inhabited.I think the real of the family. We shiblak word not an arab.I have returned to our roots and found that the name exists in Bosnia and Palestine will have this privilage of Arabism.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on September 22, 2010 #122002

إسرائيل تحرّض على العنف لتسوغ لنفسها العنف الأكبرعله يؤدي الى التفريغ الشامل من السكان.Israel inciting violence to justify violence itself most probably lead to the complete discharge of the population.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on September 15, 2010 #121463

تطلب إسرائيل من الفلسطينين القبول بمرجعية الأساطير أن تتقدم على حقائق التاريخ بل وإلغاءه وذلك بما تطرحه من حلول. Calls upon Israel from the palestinians to accept the authority of the myths that make the facts of history , and even abolishment, including that posed solutions.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on September 6, 2010 #120935

A drowning will clutch a straw in hope of salvation, Palestinians are in same status.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on September 5, 2010 #120890

The experience of what is the worst that could lead to satisfy what is bad instead of looking forward to what is the best. That reality reminded me of the Israeli occupation; Dwarf goals for eye's admission.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 30, 2010 #120515

Respectable Rabbi Ovadia Yosef expressed the wish that"All the nasty people who hate Israel like abo Mazen(Abbas)vanish from our world." Isn't that an incitement to genocide?
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 29, 2010 #120487

Israel gives Palestinians no choice except to resist its existence as long as they exist by more determination to implement legal rights.
Posted by Ezzeddin Z on August 22, 2010 #120063

There will be no Peace without Justice!
Great website by the way...
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 21, 2010 #119998

No state except state of freedom , no mind except free mind, subject of self censorship.
Posted by Sans?o Da Cruz on August 15, 2010 #119654

Through the steps of your feet you will find the path of your House
As etapas de seus pés, voce vai encontrar o caminho da vossa casa
سوف تجد من خلال خطوات قدميك المسار الخاص بك البيت
خطوات قدميك، سوف تجد المسار الخاص بك البيت
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 14, 2010 #119605

Military facts might impose tranquility for a long or short period. That status is not peace. It is a military fact.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 11, 2010 #119372

Ativist of our time cannot be nationalist or really arabian,abandoned the cause of Palestine.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 4, 2010 #118961

What violence more than a child weeping and crying after his father tortured by Israeli soldiers and drawn to prison.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on August 4, 2010 #118954

Egypt and India started industrial projects nearly in the same time. The achievements are quite different after a half century. Why? It is surely due to Israel neighboring.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 30, 2010 #118634

Chronicles lead Palestinians since 1948 to a social orphan status.Parents live in a place faraway from the sons. Another grandson will look for a place to live in and so on from Diaspora followed by another. All those generations carry on their shoulders the flag of liberation and return back long the life or short it is.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 30, 2010 #118627

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist,that is all.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 30, 2010 #118626

Nitanyaho said, it was time for the palestinians to drop preconditions for face to face talks. Friday 9/7/2010
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 23, 2010 #118178

Conflicts will extend to be not only for lands, but also for minds. That is the case of universal Scientist Shahram Amiri
and hundreds similar unpublished cases.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 20, 2010 #117962

فلسطين : فوز لسلام طويل يعم نور الحياة

تلك حروف فلسطين
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 20, 2010 #117961

فلسطين: فوز لسلام طويل يعم نور الحياة
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 20, 2010 #117958

Possible to occupy a land by force and perpetuate that occupation, but erasing the culture is much more difficult,so
Israelisation's ideology will never achieve except failure.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 14, 2010 #117579

It was the habit in every house to store olives treated with
oil or water as food, such habit still in villages of Palestine and even some cities for the time being.In the meantime great quantities of olives squeezed machinery to get its oil for sale or to consume until the time being.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 14, 2010 #117578

The Olive Tree: In Majdal-Asqlan, it was popular to see an olive tree planted nearly in every house yard and areas surrounding every city or village was popular to see same planted with olive trees.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 12, 2010 #117396

At our youth age,our thoughts'compass was always pointing to
Palestine and its capture by Israel. Marxist's thought was
minimizing that disastrous event by assuring that Israel will be the minaret of culture and progress in middle east. More than half a century passed of that tradedy where Israel had proved to be the tunnel of injustice and darkness in the area.
Posted by فريد شيلاق on July 10, 2010 #117320

عند الشباب كانت بوصلة الفكر تتجه دوما الى فلسطين وقضية إغتصابها فكان الفكر الماركسي يخفف من حدة هذا التوجه بأن إسرائيل ستكون منارة حضارة في الشرق الأوسط ستنقله الى آفاق التقدم والرقي . مضت الآن أكثر من نصف قرن على هذه المأساة وإذا اسرائيل نفق الظلم والظلام في المنطقه.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 5, 2010 #116918

In ancient history when jews were discriminated, their job was
mainly a broker. They would like Palestinians to inherit that job in the area.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 5, 2010 #116917

Fayyadism is a real threat,Akiva Eldar, a columnist of the Israeli daily Haaretz, described this group perfectly the other day when he wrote how they "wan't relinquish."
Posted by Farid Shublaq on July 5, 2010 #116915

Imperialism had drawn our borders, and we are prisoners in.For how long we shall continue in such status.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 30, 2010 #116630

The following comment was sent to Akiva Eldar through : You are not talking to terorists, you are talking to humanbeings carrying their memories of their houses where they lived,anywhere they are now. They have the right to return back to their properties.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 21, 2010 #115957

Sometimes incidents you believe in your favor turn to the contrary. We were compelled to leave our villages and cities due to awe and terror of Israeli terrorists:Hagana and Argon July 1948. Uncle Sa'id and his family erected down a tent near Gaza beach to live in. I am quite sure that Israel had never imagined one day that The Prime Minister of Palestinian
authority in Gaza Respectable Ima'il Haniya,is still live in Beach camp.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 19, 2010 #115828

Diplomacy is ignored anywhere in world wide and humanity is opposing Israel's attitude. Siege against Gaza should be broken and practically is broken.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 18, 2010 #115721

Wish to know from Israeli records:
How many Palestinians graduated from Israeli Univdersities?
How many Palestinians medically treated in Israeli Hospitals?
What is the culture spread in the area aside violence?
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 17, 2010 #115661

Israeli Navy attacks Gaza Freedom Flotilla. " That is Israel"
Never we make a peace deal with.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 17, 2010 #115656

Please , Be aware of any product labelled with " Made in our country". It is made in Israel.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 13, 2010 #115241

Objectives of stability in middle east cann't be achieved as long as Palestinians' rights are ignored.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 13, 2010 #115238

Respectable lady Helen Thomas,
On behalf of all palestinians anywhere they are, wish you longlife crowned with all the good health, your personablity will be honored in human history.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 10, 2010 #115075

Why Israelis and Palestinians ignore the American experience?
That culture achieved by multiple national roots united under law and order.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on June 2, 2010 #114261

We,Palestinians are commited to stay in Palestine as long as thyme and olives.

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