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Acre - عكا : A unique picture for Akka's (Acre's) Palestinian residents as they were bing pushed into the sea, extracted from
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Acre - عكا : A unique picture for Akka's (Acre's) Palestinian residents as they were bing pushed into the sea, extracted from <a href=></a>

  Uploaded on April 12, 2007

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Posted by on January 6, 2012 #140757

Ola Palestineremembered, venda mais nesse fim de ano divulgando seu site com o GoogFX, acesse o site, baixe o programa, instale na sua maquina e envie apresentacoes como essa, enviada pelo formulario de contato e fale conosco da Palestineremembered para todas as empresas dos segmentos que vc's querem atingir, podendo tb segmentar seu publico alvo por regiao e ramos de atividade...

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Danilo (desenvolvedor)
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Posted by محمد العلي on March 26, 2010 #107797

مدينتي عكا وابنتها قريتي كويكات اشتاق اليك سوف اعود حاملا قميصامن دمي....لن انساك حبيبتي مهما طال الفراق.. اشكركم على هذه الصور الجميله لعكاعروس ليل فلسطين..
Posted by ابو صدام العراقي on April 28, 2008 #36127

ان عكا مدينة ولود للرجال وان هاجروا اهلها فقسرا وليس من تلقاء ارادتهم والايام بيننا وبينهم انشاء الله
Posted by LanceThruster on May 27, 2007 #16299

There is a very informative piece on the comment by fellah by Fredy Perlman here:

(excerpt)"Escape from death in a gas chamber or a Pogrom, or incarceration in a concentration camp, may give a thoughtful and capable writer, Solzhenitsyn for example, profound insights into many of the central elements of contemporary existence, but such an experience does not, in itself, make Solzhenitsyn a thinker, a writer, or even a critic of concentration camps; it does not, in itself, confer any special powers. In another person the experience might lie dormant as a potentiality, or remain forever meaningless, or it might contribute to making the person an ogre."
Posted by fellah on May 6, 2007 #15511

What a shame that the people who have gone through the holocaust have not learned what kindness and humanity is. Is this what their religion is? To kill, maim and occupy? But Inshallah, Israel has to get out of the occupied territory eventually. Long live Palestine. May God bring humanity in Israel.