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Acre - عكا : Sultan Abdel Hamid Tower located in Khan al-Umdan
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Acre - عكا : Sultan Abdel Hamid Tower located in Khan al-Umdan

  Uploaded on October 31, 2000

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Posted by Abo Rashad Alhaitali on August 23, 2011 #137232

raly so sad to see thats flag on the top of this bilding?????????????????????no body thoght to cancell it befor put the foto in web sit!!!!!!
Posted by ايمن on December 25, 2009 #98882

اليوم موجودة الساعة في الدائرة التي تتوسط البرج وهي جميلة جدا
Posted by Yusuf on July 31, 2008 #47759

فعلا انو العلم يهودي
والختم تركي
والارض لمين؟؟؟؟؟؟
Posted by Fouad on October 22, 2007 #22145

Thx all who put these fotos an i hope that if they can put some videos in it also and discribe the ciy i dream int it ever day it my city also.
salamat ya beladi sana3oudo yawman ma.
Posted by Tarek shebli on October 20, 2007 #22008

thx for all who maked this site also this is tarek from palestine aka ...... alah 3al jamal