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Acre - عكا: Sabeel at the front door of Aljazar mosque



Picture for Acre City: Sabeel at the front door of Aljazar mosque. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted on November 2, 2000
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my grand father home,behind and close to this terrefic mosque..
I treasure my sweet memories of Akka from 1972/73, the neglect is heartbreaking....... this magnificent city is Arab each stone tells the history.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
وبعد:-بارك الله بيكم وانشا الله يجعله في ميزان حسناتكم
واتمنى عليكم ان تزودونى بصور اكر عن المن الفلسطينيه
وجزاكم الله خير الجزااء
اخوكم بلله محمد وشاحي
I was born and raised in Akka. The above picture is not a shrine but is a Sabeel at the front door of Aljazar mosque. This sabeel used to have the coldest water in the summer and was in great condition when I was a child (30 years ago) as you in this picure and as I sow it last year when visitnig Akka, it is falling apart like many of the arab and Muslim features in the city. The authrity is interesting in having every Muslim bulding fall apart and make the city what they call a Jewich city. The city wall is falling apart the Saraya building which was my elementary school is falling apart. There is nothing Jewish or Israeli in akko, but if you look on top of Abdel Hameed tower in Khan Elu'mdan you will see on top of it the flag of Israel and a modern clock with hebrew letters. This is there way of making the city a Jewsh city. Thank you for a great site and God bless you. Sohail Marey