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Acre - عكا: Mysterious Akka

Posted by Anthony Hanania on March 11, 2007

Picture for Acre City: : Aerial view of Acre (Akka in arabic) looking east Click Image For Town Details
Once upon a time, in Akka of Galilee, before the year 1948, a good man by the name Michael Amour, my grandfather, dived under the sea around the walls of the city with the intention to catch oysters and mussels. They say Akka is built above many ancient cities. Therefore, it wouldn't be surprising to hear about hidden caves under the old city. My grandfather, who died in 1986, entered these caves wishing to collect whatever he could come across. Definitely, we are talking about sea food. As he entered the caves, he was trapped inside and couldn't find his way out. By the grace of God, the rays of the sun penetrated the deep and a spark of light guided Michael to the entrance of the cave. He was saved miraculously and never dared to visit the caves again. Michael Amour is married to Renee Raji Bahouth of Shofar'Am (known as Shafa'Amr). Renee is my grandmother and she is still alive. May God grant her many years to come. She was the one who told me the story.

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