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Posted by ahmad ourfali on MARCH-29-2009 #72358

esteshad alakh akram zaher and khaled zaher last mondy fe lebnon rahamahom alah
Posted by Akram Saleh Hamadeh on FEBRUARY-5-2007 #13530

There is a mistake in the article; where it syays " when he left Plaestine in 1984" it should say in 1948.

Please make the necessary correction
Posted by ابوشقره on NOVEMBER-29-2006 #12118

عظم الله اجركم اخواني

وتقبله الله في فسيح جناته
Posted by Marouf on OCTOBER-19-2006 #11825

Mr. Azmi Rashed Assad Ahmad Maarouf has passed the way
He was really a great a strong an educated man
a man that really deserved a lot of respect and brought allot of respect to the family
he was a teacher and he died in Saudi Arabia
May allah rest his soul he was a wonderful person with a big heart he never thought of himself he always have thought about others
when he left Palestine with his family in 1948 at the age of 6 only he has worked all his life soo hard to bring the best for his parents and family he worked and went to school at the same time latter he moved to saudi arabia thats where he settled
May allah rest his soul again and give his children the patient
its a big loose for us to lose someone like him