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Palestine Right Of Return, Sacred, Legal, and Possible By Dr. Salman Abu Sitta


Posted by Dr. Salman Abu SittaPosted on April 7, 2007

Dr. Salman Abu Sitta

Palestine Return Center, London

Publishers' Note
1. Compilation of the Depopulated Villages List
2. The Unfolding of the Holocaust
3. Why the Refugees Left
4. Military Aspects of the Expulsion
5. Plunder and Destruction
6. War Crimes
7. The Monetary Value of Seized Palestinian Property
8. The Right Of Return; a Basic Right
9. Is the Right Of Return Feasible?
10. The Status of Palestinian Land in Israel
11. The Israeli Position
12 Resettlement Schemes
13. Practical Steps for the Return of the Refugees
14. Summery and Conclusions

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Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik proved the Khazarian hypothesis true.

The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses

Genome Biol Evol (2013) 5 (1): 61-74. doi: 10.1093/gbe/evs119 First published online: December 14, 2012

Dr. Elhaik writes: "Both mtDNA and Y-chromosomal analyses yield high similarities between European Jews and Caucasus populations rooted in the Caucasus (fig. 7) in support of the Khazarian hypothesis."

Also see the January 16, 2013 Agence-France Presse article (available on google) on Dr. Eran Elhaik and the Khazar convert Jews from the Caucasus.

Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews

(AFP) – Jan 16, 2013

PARIS — Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study.

The investigation, its author says, should settle a debate that has been roiling for more than two centuries.

Jews of European descent, often called Ashkenazis, account for some 90 percent of the more than 13 million Jews in the world today.

And finally on the indigenous Palestinian people:

'Palestinians are an indigenous people who either live in, or originate from, historical Palestine. .Although the Muslims guaranteed security and allowed religious freedom to all inhabitants of the region, the majority converted to Islam and adopted Arab culture.' Bassam Abu-Libdeh, Peter D. Turnpenny, and Ahmed Teebi, ‘Genetic Disease in Palestine and Palestinians,’ in Dhavendra Kumar (ed.) Genomics and Health in the Developing World, OUP 2012 pp.700-711, p.700.

OUP is Oxford University Press
"Mr. Butros" (from back in October 2008) you were seriously trying to compare the French colonists who where in Algeria to the indigenous Palestinians and by extension the Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps till today?! Very sick of you. The Palestinians have been shown to be the indigenous people of Palestine; whereas the largest Jewish group the Ashkenazis are simply Europeans who cluster unsurprisingly just with other Europeans!! In particular with the Italians and French, and Ashkenazi Jews have Khazar linkages as well (August 2012 study by geneticist Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. of Johns Hopkins University entitled "The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses"). For example GenomeWeb News June 3, 2010; "Ashkenazi Jews seem to be more genetically similar to non-Jewish populations in Northern Italy, France, and Sardinia. Meanwhile, Jewish populations in Iran and Iraq tended to cluster closer to non-Jewish Palestinian, Druze, and Bedouin populations than to Europeans."
Dear Editor,
we condemn the atrocities occurred in Gaza by Israel. Israel is real threat to humanity.
God gives u more courage for uplifting the Palestinian cause

Allah Hafiz

Does the right of return apply to 1 Million French expelled from Algeria in 1960s? When can they return to their homes in Algiers or Oran?
I have heard Dr. Abu Sitta give this paper in Amman at a Jerusalem Day Conference and found it, as I still do, the most optimistic and yet realistic overview andplan for Middle East Peace of anything I have read. I am still astonished at the generosity of his two-people in one-land perspective. Brilliant!