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Posted by إم سجى on MAY-10-2010 #111965

والله العظيم لا أقبل ذهب الأرض و أراضي الكرة الأرضية بدلا عن وطني و بلدتي المنشية و سأظل أنادي بحقي عبر الأجيال و لن يمنعني أحد من ذلك
Posted by Bilal on JANUARY-18-2009 #64362

I do not agree to have a new homeland or payment I want my motherland back the way it was before 1948, I desire to feel for one moment before I depart this life to smell the soil and to see my village Al Mansheyya. I would like to go back where I belong and I would love to live and to die in it.