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Be sucsses
absolutely fantastic. great job. has salman abu sita's work already been incorporated into your site? it seems to be done, but I did not yet compare both. once again: congratulations
On the 60th anniversiry of establishing Isreal and on George Bush statment there , in addition to the new attitude of most arab leaders toward our case i felt that we are plalestinians are going toward absumption ...Isreal will ever last the spoiled boy of America and this will never change till the American people realize that Israel is costing and will cost them alot if they kept the support to their leaders . A change will come from America only since Isreal is week without America , if the conflict is left between us without an outside involvemnt ,then we will know how to deal with the zionist, we have no issues with Jews , histoy approved this ,the issue is with the Zionist only which looking for expanding Isreal and going to the neighbor countries , if the jews have history in the land , then giving them back thier land in this ?Nazist? way is not a civil act , we paid the price of ?Hitalr ?and we are paying the price of America's political intrests in the reagion ...but we know for sure that America will not last for Isreal ,as well as the Americans will not stay beside their leaders , we count on this as the whole world start to realize what America is .

I really thank you for this wonderful archive and appreciate your efforts to keep working on it and keep updating it ,and kindly transtale ro English as much you can .

Also thank all the foreign from all the world who Courageously spoke and wrote their opinions to supports our case.
كم كنت اتمنى لتواصل مع اهل منطقتي واهل بلدي الحبيب وتلك القرية الجميلة واهلها الطيبين - وعن طريق الصدفة دخلت هذه الصفحة - اتمنى التواصل من طرفكم - اختكم فاطمه حسنى معلا
first i need help im married to a palastinan from hiafa but ofcourse he never been there so im looking to see if i can find any of his relatives is hiafa their family name is (lutfi)if you can please have any informations can send it to me
This site is fantastic. Do you have an email address where I can contact you?
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am commenting on this web site. Only with initiatives like this can we bring out the truth before the public. Hats off for the unbiased treatment of the issue. And I 'd like to quote a verse(translation) from Glory Q'ran " When truth is heard against falsehood, falsehood perishes and falsehood by its nature is bound to perish"
Very glad to see such professional & serious work! This is how to aveive our goals. Hope to see this site developed more & more with your efforts & ours. God bless. S.Hijjawi
A few years agoI learned a little bit about Palestine and the victims of ethnic cleansing. It is so very sad and unfair. I am 42 years old & of 1/2 Jewish heritage. I remember as a small child hearing of the state of Israel and how "Wonderful" it was. Even then I didn't understand what it had to do with me, an American. Oh so very sad that innocent people suffer because of what Hitler did in Europe. And now, because of our conflict in the Middle East most American people are so quick to judge with a closed heart. The English language poetry on this site is greatly appreciated.
My recommendation to try to end Gaza siege, is to have Hamas leadership call for general strike for all muslim & arab workers in the oil & gas industry. Ask them to help by refusing to go to work until the siege is lifted. If succesful in drving a strike, this people led campain may be very powerful.
Dear Sir , Mere words cannot express my great astonishment and respect for your efforts to put up such a website . Being the owner of the New Imperial Hotel on Jaffa Gate , these old pictures means a great deal for me , no to mention ,all other historic pictures , and all the content of your comments and articles , God bless , Aboameer Dajani
we shall over come .
Palestinian and Israeli conflict stands at the center of all other issues in the Middle East. There are still few Americans that treat the Palestinians as if they part of the human race. Palestinian people are exposed to degrading cruelty.
We read of political assassinations. Their homes are destroyed. They live in Apartheid. American Government acts as if this is natural, or even acceptable. The Palestinian movement does not have enough individuals in the USA to help bring about a change in US policy in the region.
The Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine still needs our help. We all need to make sovereignty for Palestine central to any support of Israel. That justice for the Palestinian people is central to peace in that region must be taken very earnestly.
The truth is Israel will only be secure when there is security and justice for the Palestinian people. The Peace movement in Israel understands this and the means through which a just and equitable peace can be secured for Palestinians is central to their program. Israelis fate is closely tied to the fate of the Palestinians. There are two nations and one country. Like any other settler state the settlers and the ingenious people must be reconciled within that one country. To restate this point Palestinians have an equivalent "not a superior" claim to the land, all the land, than the Israelis. Many American intellectuals are supporters of regional Manifest Destiny, settlers against the indigenous people of this region. These speakers of half-truth can never understand any ?settler state? that cannot act in good faith with out first examining her soul.
This website deserves all due respect, it is an e-archive, and an international forum for the most long lived blight for the Palestinian people, and the centre of the world Middle East".
It must be known that the tyrants and oppresseors must learn what future hold for their continued oppression.

Palestine is a holy land, blessed by Allah, and tyrants will not live long in this land...
There'll be a Palestine state and it's near.... it is not going to be a smooth way for Israel in the next 60 years because it's going to be the end, for Israel but not for Jewish.
A letter from a Palestinian from Palestine to All humans around the world:
First of all I would like to let you know that this website is reality itself. Here you well learn the truth and anything else you heard or used to think is the same exact reason why there is a conflict in the first place. So special thanks and respect to the people who made this site and I would love to help you on it.
Secondly, Now after you learn the real history of Palestine its mandatory on you to learn about Islam itself. Islam in its beautiful form as a religion of peace and mercy. If you believe it has anything to do with terrorisim then you're sharing in this ethnic cleansing! why? because Jews and Christians both support the idea of war against Islam and they're both pushing for "Armagadon". Islam is a great religion and should be understood well. learn it from people who believe in it and don;t listen to propaganda. Although Muslims believe in this final war (armagadon) and they believe it will bring them victory they're told not to look forward to it by prophet Mohammad PBUH because its a blood bath of unparallel scale.
To all those who has kind hearts and sound minds. To those who understand why we shouldn;t fight each other and shed blood. To those who understand that war is hell itself... I ask you please to stand up against those who knows not what war means, against those who benefit from war (weapon traders, oil and land and gold diggers...), and ready-to-suicide fundementalists from all religions.
I am a Palestinian from Palestine and I know that the vast majority of people wether jews, christians, or muslims want to live in peace, see their kids grow up and grandchildren, and they want to believe in whatever they believe is right.. i think that is their atmost dream. we all want this so lets not kill each other hopping we find life!!!!!
Zionists and christian-zionists broke a deal with venture capitalists so the first two get land and war they believe its given to them by "god" and the later group get money that they always worshiped.
The rest of humanity is the means in which they plan to get to their goals. There are only to options awaiting us:
1. We continue this exact path down to Armagadon and Muslims will win after thousands if not millions die and peace takes place finally.
2. We cut this short and create a one truely democratic state for the people who lived in Palestine and allow the refugees to return and the moderate Jews to stay in their homes which wasn;t built over demolished villages. we don;t want really to destroy tel aviv or Jerusalem or Nablus people can live there peacfully but Dair Yassin has to be returned to its people and so does many other so called settlements and new towns. Believe me thats the only true solution before a huge massacar takes place.
I hope to hear your opinion so send it directly to me and I will reply for sure no matter what your opinion is. Palestine is the Holly land and we all have the right to worship our God their in peace.
By the way the site is wonderful, and the nakba's survivors have a voice on that site, you give us the oportunity to hear it, and thats great
barakAllah ofikom
Palestine will be free from the river to the see, inchaAllah !!
Palestine is ours, and we'll had a state all together if jews could SHARE and wasnt RACIST for jut need a state for their people on the state of another people;;;
most are dead, most are alive, and most are not born yet
and we'll NEVER forget
after 3 generations we didnt forget, and well teach our childrens to not forget and to know they have a land, and we have to liberate it

To the Palestinian people who were thrown from their lands, from a westerner to a beautiful people with tons of history, I apologize. Your ancestors have contributed much to our way of life whether we (America) knows it or not. I sympathize with you, but sympathy is not what your people need. Action must take place, and unfortunately, the people who run our country are also the same people who write the 1.2 billion dollar check to Israel every year. I fear the only way for life for your people to change, as Naveed plainly said, is for our empire and way of life to be radically changed.

Peace be with you at all times,
Edward Thompson


The Struggle of Palesinian People for Freedom and Democracy is the only Way to Liberation of Palestine.The new Generation is the Motor of Revolution,the greatest palestinian Poet had said:´´My Land is not a Suitcase and I´m not a Traveller,I´m a Lover and the Land is a Darling.´´
Salaam excellent website

With Peace we come and peace we give but we have been stabbed by from behind.

Arabs had accepted the Jew in Palestine before the British allowed them to come History witness that Arab & Muslims were the only people who respected the Jew and protected them we all know what the European & Christians did to the Jew in Jerusalem, Germany and Spain. We all know that Jew did run to Turkey the Islamic Ottoman Empire for protection and that how they got into Palestine and started their wicked plan and twisted the fact they came as poor immigrants and they became the leaders the same happened in Germany and now in USA History repeats itself what happen in Germany could happen in USA. So our advise to the Jewish people not let your politician destroy your future...look for peace with Arabs and Muslims and you will find it..respect the Palestinians right to exist and give them full rights...give them back their lands....give then an identity ...give them a country...Their will be no peace ...until you accept the rights of others and stop the atrocities committed by the Israeli Army...Israel can not be strong for ever...History teaches us a lesson. Empires rise and Empires fall......

Peace Be Upon You All
your brother in Islam
Naveed Hussain
As salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. I happened to recieve this link inside a piece of mail which wassent to my junk folder, need i say it was definitly in the wrong folder..this link will now be on my mailing list as of this moment.
Jazakilah khair for all the effort put forth in educating us the non pali people about the history and suffering of our brothers.Our brothers in palestine are not forgotten..we love Palestine and we will stand united to get back "Our Palestine"
Ya Rabb grant success to those who have been abused and removed from their homes, Ya Rabb grant mercy upon those who have suffered and struggled all these years, Ya Rabb grant palestine with the best of this dunya and the akhira, Ya Rabb lay not a burden upon the muslims which we can not handle and over come, Ya Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rehem. Allah humma salli ala Sayydinah Mohammed.Ameen ameen ameen.
peace to all
fee aman Allah
as salam alaikum.
I just wanted to express my thanks and respect for your efforts. May we all live to see the day when Palestinians and Jews live as equals and brothers in the land that gave birth to both our peoples.
Dear friends,
this is a great job, indispensable for a people who wants to resist, persist, survive and especially recover its rights who were stollen by the Zionists and the conservation of the memories of the Nakhba, 60 years after, is a decisive job for this!
As a relative of Jews who perished in the Holocaust I understood that the only coherent lesson it to fight agaings Holocaust-like situations for every people! For 35 years I've been supporting the Palestinian cause, and in face of the facts of the last 10-15 years it is my firm opinion that no solution will came without allowing the full right of return to the refugees, and the building of one secular state for all, without racism, ethnical cleansing or discrimination.
Waldo Mermelstein
Interesting thoughts; I support your website, and think you are doing a good job, however i hope that we do not get hung up on history; we can not change it! we must look at the situation, and agree on what we want, a homeland for the palestinians, however not at any cost, peace must also be a priority. lets not just be angry and aggressive, let us be creative and find a solution with no genocide!
Peace-from Oxford

The solution is with US. Americans in our country as well joined hands with warlords and created a big headache in this part of the world...

Kbl, Afghanistan
Hey, Keep it up guys, you are really doing a great job, I wish I have more money to support you all. May Allah bless you all...It's my country what we have lost, Thanks a lot
Very nice website.
Congratulation for all of us
Thanks a lot.
أناديكم أشد على أياديكم ......ولتبقى كل فلسطين بالقلب......سلاما لك ايها الفلسطيني اينما كنت.....
We all will have to continuely jihad against the yahuds & those cruel people in the world... Yes, till our deaths. BUT HOW? Our life is too short, as our Prophet Muhammad said, 'sitteen wa sab-een'. So let us prepare ourselves with true faith (iman, Allah is the only God, Muhammad is His Messenger) (Jesus is a Messenger) and true amal. If you are a Muslim, Let us do ALL the 5 mandatory daily solats, fast in Ramadon, give tithes and do haj when affordable.
PLS REMEMBER, after death, we WILL all live again!, Allah will reward us with jannah where water is flowing beneath. Allah says in the QURAN, we will live here forever & ever, and this is the GREATEST SUCCESS!
So never give up, pray to Allah. Even Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) was in peace in Namruud's fire.
InsyaAllah, hope taht we are accepted by Allah then.
Maasalaamah. TQ. JazakAllah.
Keep up the great work. This will help show everyone all around the world the hardship Palestinians endured and still do today. Long live Palestine!
Dear frinds

Thank you very much for your very useful Website, God bless you aud go forward.
Can you french ?

My english is very poor and short and not fluent

Congratulations for your website

I created a palestinian website but here it's impossible to write him ;-((((((


For 2008 I wish you the best

Good courage, good communication
Good continuation

Best regards with my heart

Jean-Marie GLؤNTZLEN, 64 y.o

Pay attention please, I cut automaticaly english messages if I do'nt recognize senders
والله تسلم كل كبس على الكيبورد علشان نشوف فلسطين كل فلسطين واحنا غايبين ومهجرين ومغتربين وساكنين بالويل تحت ظلام الاحتلال
انا اسما من راهط عن جد موقع حلو ورائع بشكر كل القائمين على هاد المقع ويسلم ايديهم
Please make a change of my e-mail Address. My New E-mail address is THANK YOU Basem J. Karzoun
bshkorkom 3ala hatha elmawqe3 2orido ma3lomat 3an balad esmoha kasla shokran lakom kil el7teram weltaqder lkil wa7ad 3amel 3ala hal mawqe3
how would it feel to be forced frm not only your home but forced frm your neighborhood? what do you do? where do you go? i can see myself hooking up w/any organization that takes up my cause and if they wont listen to reason then they'll listen when the bombs start going off right?
I believe Its our duty to educate people about our case. We need to have them educated, we cannot blame nations, actually we have no right to blame anybody,,we have to work hard to prove our case and come out with results. I do appreciate the great efforts made by the creators/authors of this web site.... I would like to invite you to visit our small village simple web site :
i don't know how i can thank u fore this site thanks lot from my heart. all of u is a hero.
I knew very little of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, only what I had absorbed via the American media. I therefore passively accepted the idea that Israel was entitled to displace millions of Palestinians to create a state for themselves after years of persecution, namely the Holocaust. However I've recently realized, by reading many books about the conflict, that I was evincing the Holocaust Syndrome and that Israeli (Zionists) leaders have been using the Holocaust as a justification for the unjust treatment of Palestinians. I'm a young man with a strong desire to affect the world positively and I feel that informing my fellow Americans of the plight of Palestinians will have a positive effect. I hope there is much more for me to do to improve the lives of persecuted Palestinians everywhere. I apologize for my nation's approval and support of harmful Israeli action and apathy towards Palestine.
Sue the United Nations to rescind the unlawful Partition of Palestine created by Lord Rothschild and the 9/11/1922 Balfour Mandate is not the authentic agreement between Palestine and the Allied forces during ww1 for fighting on the side of the allies against the ottoman empire during ww1 Palestine was guaranteed to be free of any forgein rule. Sue the United Nation in The World Court to Rescind the Partition of Palestine to create one truly deocratic nation a free Palestine and allow all refugees to return to their lands and villages that lay empty and enforce financial reparations that can be billed to the Zionist Occupiers and the United States and the U.N.
This is a great website. I congratulate all those who have been working on documenting the Palestinian People's history. Thank you very much for this.
Great and impressive effort! congratulations!zionism was an idea that was realized and put into action by utlizing the jewish influence especially in Graet Britain,and later in the USA.The crime was to consider palestinians as mere obstacle in the way, and then get them away. Arabs in their early and then long history were people of action. Now we know everything and we feel the crime every day, but we need the spirit which is more important than guns, to put ideas into action. What they did, we can do too, if all our spirits unite in determination and towards one action.Your page is a good piece of action , and I hope it will bring more people to-gether.
i dont know how i can thank u , really am from egypt and i love palestine as my second country and really i like this site so much , i know this site from a magazine and i loved it so much , wish that peace spread to ur great lands....ameen..israel is temporary.
hello I'm form the Palestinians of the 48, Christian form Nazareth. This is a great website that i newly discovered! Israel is temporary
كورقرية من نور فعلا انها من نور كيف لا وهي التي احتضنتني بين اكناف الزيتون وكم اكلنا من خبزها خبز الطابون ويرفرف فوقها طائر الحنون دار الشيخ بل قصر الشيخ يوسف الجيوسي هي عزنا وافتخارنا اخوكم الجيوسي ابراهيم
marhaba dear friends. thank you for this well designed and rich source of information for searchers/seekers of history....and because of your note at the top of the page at concerning missing information on Palestinian refugee camps within Syria here's one more name for your roster. I recently learned about a camp called Jaramana which is located in Damascus. I also learned that there were approximately 500,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria.. I hope that this information will be of use as you gather and sort the millions of pieces of lost/stolen history. shukran ikteer miriam adams
بارك الله فيك ويسلموا يداك علي المجهود الرائع وانا لاول مرة ادرس موقع ارضي وارض اجدادي والف شكرمني الك ولكل العاملين علي الاشراف علي الموقع انتا تعيد وتذكرنا وتنورنا علي اراضينا التي لم نراها وانتا بمجهوداتكالطيبةشرحتنا موقعها الطيب ونحن في قطاع غزة الحبيب نبعت لك تحياتنا وشكرنا الخاص لك ولكل من ساهمفي ذلك الوقع .
asalmu aleykum i am really sorry of what happen to our people in plestine and also around the Muslim world. inshalah one day we return back our land from the Israelis ocupation all we can do is pray for God and also don,t forget to make du,aa for all MUSLIMS around the world i really feel the pain even those i am not from plestine becouse i am a muslims and as the prophey said almuslimu aqul muslim. wasalamu aleykum warahmatulaahi wabarakaatuk
Listing and Map of Land Ownership in Palestine in 1947.
موقع رائع وجهد مميز , لكم التحية , ولفلسطين الحب الأبدي .
بارك الله في مجهودكم الرائع موقع قيم جدا
Although I do not know much of your struggle, and have lived in peace my whole life. I am becomming more aware of my involvement in this atrocity. I beleive that the zionist movement has corrupted the core of my government and has tricked the American people. At this point all I can do now is pray for you. I am deeply sorry.
I think that you should add a chat room
الموقع ممتاز. لاول مره ارى موقعا بهذا الكم من المعلومات والصور. هذا امر يثلج الصدر ويحيي الامل عند كل عربي حر. اتمنى ان تجدوا الجهد والوقت لتوثيق القرى غير المعترف بها في النقب والتي يتهددا خطر الهدم والزوال. خليل العمور قرية السره (قضاء بئر السبع) - غير المعترف بها
لكم سررت لرؤيتي هذا الموقع الذي انعش الأمل بتذكري التاريخ مع الصور عن قلبنا النابض الذي لا يهمد أبدا أتمنى لكم التوفيق الدائم
Although I did not ever see my land but it is always in my heart.We will keep fighting and fighting until we will get back our lands.

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