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Baysan - بيسان: The saray



Picture for Baysan City: The saray. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by Uri Zackhem on August 23, 2010
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Well Uri the first and second message did get through, and the third. Oops! When I posted the second, it wasn't there, hence the third. Don't know what happened. Probably my error.
Uri, I have twice posted a thank you for your information but it seems to have been lost. Hope this one remains on the site. Anyway my interest is that my mother's father was the governor of Beisan in the early 1900s and I wanted to see the house where my mother lived during that time, as she spoke about living in the "governor's palace." I tried to get the bus to stop briefly so I could take photos of the town, or at least slow down while we went though, in 1989, but when I told them why I was interested, they sped up instead. So thank you so much for your information.
Thank you Uri. And thank you for your photos. My mother's father was the governor of Beisan in the early 1900s and I have been trying to find out for ages where she lived - she used to describe it as the "governor's palace." I was in Israel in 1989 and asked the tour operator to ask the bus driver to slow down a little when we went through Beisan as I wanted to see, if possible, where she may have lived, but instead of slowing down they sped up! I should have expected that, I suppose. Anyway, thank you again for helping me fill in a little more of my history.
Thank you Uri. I have been trying for ages to find out more about Beisan - my mother's father was the governor there in the early 20th century and she used to describe living in the "governor's palace" I tried to look at the town during a tour there in 1989 but when I asked the tour guide on the bus to ask the driver if he could slow down a bit while going through the town so I could see more, explaining why I was interested, they speeded up!!! Now I think I have found the "governor's palace" and am so glad I asked. Thank you. And thank you for your magnificent photos.
OOps Ottoman priod
Yes, it was est. in the mandate period and used (as the name indicates) as govt. house.
does anyone know who used to live in the saray? Was it the local governor?