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Posted by kwishah on FEBRUARY-7-2009 #66872

If only they knew then as they do now how mistaken they were when they said the older generation will die and the new generation will forget!!!!!! we will never forget Palestine for a moment, we think of it with every heart beat and every breath and teach the same to our children. Nothing can and will ever compensate us. We believe and know we will return.
Posted by نبيل النجار on SEPTEMBER-17-2008 #52381

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم وبعد والله لو اعطوني كنوز قارون ما بقبل التعويض او التوطين
Posted by Baker Awshah on JULY-3-2008 #44663

I can't imagine getting compensated for our land. Although I have never been to Palestine, I am over 40 years old, I don't believe the Israelis will have enough money to compensate me and my family. We will return, inshallah!
Posted by Haneen Wishah on MAY-13-2008 #37858

We will return one day to Bait Affa, If not us .. our children..
We won't accept ecesis NEVER and we WILL RETURN BACK becuase its our legal right and our beloved homeland