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Summil صميل - צומיל -

District of Gaza
Ethnically cleansed days ago


Google Earth
Picture for Summil Village - Palestine: : يظهر في الصوره السيد محمد احمد عوض ( ابو اياد ) والاهل حيث اخذت هذه الصوره على انقاض احد المنازل
Statistic/Fact Value
Israeli occupation date July 8, 1948
Distance from district center 36 (km) Noerth East of Gaza
Elevation from the sea 125 (meters)
Map location See location number #20 on the map
Exodus Cause Expulsion by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction by Israelis The village has been completely destroyed, and only house rubble left behind.
Ethnically cleansed by Israelis Summil inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Land ownership before occupation
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 16,261
Jewish 2,620
Public 423
Total 19,304
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum) Jewish (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 54 0
Planted W/ Cereal 16,101 2,619
Built up 31 0
Cultivable 16,155 2,619
Non-Cultivable 498 1
before occupation
Year Population
1596 363
1922 561
1931 692
1945 950
1948 1,102
Est. Refugees 1998 6,767
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 178
1948 283
Town's name through history Summil was founded in 1168 during the Crusades period. Summil inhabitants believed that it was named after Samuel, whome they claimed was the founder of the village. Also Summil was known by Barakat al-Khalil, since its tax revenues were used by the Mamluk Sultan Barquq to endow the mosque of Abraham in Hebron.
Schools Summil had an elementary school founded in 1936 with an enrollment of 88 students in 1945.
Religious institutions One mosque built on the remnants of a Crusaders' church.
Exculsive jewish colonies on town's lands Qedma, Menucha, Segula, and Nachala.
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Town Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
"The remnants of a wall, perhaps one that was built around the village, are still visible. A shanty that houses an Arab family (whose members probably work in one of the Israeli settlements) has been built on the land. "


Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
ابو مصعب - -
ابو مجدي - -
فراس الدرباشي - -
مصطفى عوض - -
اسد بني عوض عوض عوض -
عاشق صميل سالم الفحيص , الاردن
fida2 - -
معتز عبد الكريم عوض عوض القويسمة, القويسمة
احمد محمد عبدالله رمضان رمضان الخليل, الخليل
صهيب محمد احمد عوض - عمان, الاردن
ابو بسام عوض الله - وسط عمان, صميل
مؤيد محمد احمد عوض عوض الاردن, الاردن
محمد عزمي حرب عوض عوض الاردن, الاردن
عمر خالد عوض عوض الاردن, الاردن
Tareq Awad - -
Marwan El derbashi الدرباشي gaza, فلسطين
الصميلي صميل عمان, فلسطيني
إياس عيسى - -
مأمون محمد عبد اللطيف صبح صبح الخليل
ليندا عبدالكريم رمضان Ramadan leicester, U.K
علاء سلمي سلمي ياجوز, الاردن
محمد ايراهيم عوض - القويسمة, القويسمة
يزن عوض البشير عمان, الاردن
مهند محمد احمد عوض عوض -
عادل حسن عوض عوض البشير -
دكتورة ام يارا صبح الطائف, السعودية
abu yazan - amman
جوهر عبد اللطيف صبح - جده السعودييه, السعوديه
بلال سلمي سلمي عمان, الاردن
احمد محمد عوض عوض عوض الاردن, الاردن
خالد الدرباشي الدرباشي الخليل, فلسطين
سنابل عوض الخليل, فلسطين
موسى حسين مصطفى عوض - الاردن
عقدة العقدة الوحدات, الأردن
العقدة العقدة الوحدات, الأردن
M shafiq_3 ramadan ramadan -
omar hammad حماد عمان, الأردن
abderrahmane elderbashi - -
Amjad Hammad Hammad KSA-Al Riyadh
وسام محمد حسين عوض - -
ahmed عوض -
هيثم رمضان - -
اياد عوض عوض -
زياد سالم سالم الاردن
GUBA عوض الأردن, صميل
GUBA GAZA عوض الأردن, صميل
Lena_Dirbashi Dirbashi Texas, USA
ام الخل - -
امجد عوض - الدوحة, قطر
رامي ابوعايشة ابوعايشة الاردن, الاردن
بدر عوض عوض -
طارق صبح -
mohammed hammad hammad -
Samer Abu Aysheh Subeh Subeh AMMAN, JORDAN
said Awad Awad -
Mohammad Najjar Najjar -
hatem suboh suboh West Bank, Palestine
Suboh Suboh Suboh DC, United States
Raed Suboh Suboh Hamilton, Canada
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