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Will you accept a new homeland & compensation instead of Palestine and you right of return?

Posted by Saud on July 5, 2008 #44804

Another problem we have in Jilijliyya is the competition between families to build bigger houses and to show off. Instead of using our money to build a hospital and a high school, everyone is too busy trying to show they have more money. How can we not have a big supermarket in Jilijliyya? We shouldn't have to go to Abwein and Sinjil for our food. We need to support the people and the buisnesses in our Village.
Posted by abu dawoud on June 21, 2008 #43049

Brother saud, is bringing on a very important thing that everyone in the town of jilijliyya should take into consederation, and to try and stay away from "fighting with each other" but, inshallah it won't get to that extent. if there is going to be any fighting. fight off the people who are trying and forcing the people of jiljiliyya and abwain to sell there land, and i also like for everyone to read the two articals, that i had posted not to long ago in regards to this situation artical titled "land not for sale"
Posted by Saud on June 16, 2008 #42450

I have heard the same thing about the land bordering jiljliyya and abwain. Something about the papers needed to show proof of land ownership is missing. I hope we don't start fighting with each other over disputed land or start selling our land to anyone. Just hold on to your land.
Posted by ABU DAWOUD on May 29, 2008 #39946

There are currently 120 Israeli settlements and 102 Israeli outposts built illegally in the West Bank including East Jerusalem, which is Palestinian land occupied by Israel in 1967. All of these settlements and outposts are illegal under international law and numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions. Israeli outposts are also illegal under Israeli law. These settlements and outposts are inhabited by a population of some 460,000 Israeli settlers. Settlements are built on less than 3 percent of the area of the West Bank. However, due to the extensive network of settler roads and restrictions on Palestinians accessing their own land, Israeli settlements dominate more than 40 percent of the West Bank.
Posted by ABU DAWOUD on May 29, 2008 #39945

Despite all of the Palestinian rejection to expanding of the east Jerusalem settlement, The construction was approved three days after a Palestinian killed eight students at a prominent Jewish seminary in Jerusalem that is the ideological base of the settlement movement in the West Bank. And Palestinians that live in small towns in the west bank, have to know, and understand the Zionist way strategic way of building there settlement on stolen Palestinian land.
Posted by ABU DAWOUD on May 28, 2008 #39788

Not to long ago I had read online that the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert approved plans to build more than 300 homes in a West Bank settlement days before a visit by a U.S. general to monitor compliance with an American-backed peace plan that requires a freeze of such construction. The planned building at Givat Zeev, near Jerusalem, drew sharp condemnation from the Palestinians. And I think this is the reason that there is a lot of land buying from small and poor families that live in the west bank, for example like the town of jilijliyya and abwain.
Posted by ABU DAWOUD on May 28, 2008 #39787

Let me just get to the point and tell you my opinion, of this tragic political Israeli persuation. I think this operation of buying land or selling the land, is an Israeli diplomatic way of starting a settlement between those two towns, through individual who call them selves business men. I really don؟t think that a university or a hospital or a refugee place of return, is going to be put there. This is all a strategic way of starting a settlement for the Jewish occupiers and there supporters, those of whom are from the Palestinian people or the out side world. In the west bank there is enough settlement that are being build or expanded.
Posted by ABU DAWOUD on May 28, 2008 #39786

Asalamu alykum

Let me first start by saying, how appreciated and happy I؟ am of this internet site creation that came about, to encourage our activists and youth, to keep in contact with there homeland ( jilijliyya , Palestine), and to also express there feeling about there homeland, town, and friends. I also wanted to thank Ayyoub Assad for posting the pictures of the historical building and houses that our grandfather and great grandfathers had lived in. I also wanted to talk, and maybe have some discussion about the selling of the land that I have been hearing about between the town of jiljliyya and abwain in an area called hait-yousif.
Posted by MALIK on May 26, 2008 #39469

لن نجد غير فلسطين وطن
تجولت في البلاد.ذهبت لكل وطن أبحث فيه عن غير فلسطين .
لم ولن أجد أحن ولا أدفئ من حضن ذاك الوطن .هوأم تحنو علي
أطفالها من برد الشتاء ومن حر الصيف ومن نيران الاعداءّّّّ
يتشفق علي كل منزل دمر,علي كل رصيف وشارع هدم,علي شهيد
ترك أم ثكلي وأبناء يتامي,يتلقطون لقمطة العيش ,تركوا
ليواجهوا موت محتم,موت منتظر ولكنهم بة سعداء لان دمائهم
تذرف حمي للوطن.مع كل جنازة تسمع الزغاريد والتهليلات فأين تجد مثل ذلك,الا في وطن الصمود مافي ببساتين التين
والزيتون والبرتقال وكروم العنب والرمان,فالعالم يشهد بأنة وطن الاحرار والثوار ولن يتغير ذلك
مهما حاول الاشرار والانذال
لان نقبل وطن بديل عن فلسطين