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Posted by Kristine Verhoeven on August 19, 2008 #49578

Renna was our nanny and cook from 2001 to 2004, she was from the Amari camp, she was fantastic, loved our daughter and son, raised them while we were working and cooked a delicious dish of food everyday when we came home after work. It was her dream to become a nurse but thanks to the Israelis that dream never became true, her family lost their land in Jerusalem, her father was beaten during the first intifada and became a cripple and she had to take care of the family.
She was fabulous, taking care of my daughter's hair every day, she loved both kids and us and she was on her way to become a hairdresser when she had a terrible astma attack that killed her in April 2005, she was only 25 years old. We miss her still and my children remember that she had the whitest skin they have ever seen.
We will never forget Renna