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Will you accept a new homeland & compensation instead of Palestine and you right of return?

Posted by OMAR AWADALLLAH ASAF on September 24, 2009 #89796

Dear sir
no body can sell his home
Iam aplastinian living in jordan ,my family waite for so long so we can one day go back not to sell it .
but i beleive we can find peacfull solution with the jewish state ,and i rather this can be one state solution so both jews and palastinian can live together, i belve this not hard to do so
america it self its has to many religion and too many race and all live in harmony together , i beleive palastinian and jewish should do more to find agood resolution with no money compensation for the land .
i dont know who came up with this solution ?
imagin some stuiped tribal bedwain here in jordan they calim if their is any mony subsitute they should get all ,because they calime the palastinan cost them too much mony .
they shuld thank god that the palastinain they didnt claim jordan to be their home land eaven the historical fact said that jordan was palastine desert befor the english make the trans jordan and give to abdullah ibn hussain.
no we dont want mony ?
we need logical solution and fair to us and to the jewish too.