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Welcome To Balad al-Shaykh - بلد الشيخ (בלד א-שיח')

District of Haifa
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for Balad al-Shaykh Village - Palestine: : منظر لنسوة بلدالشيخ بعد رجوعهن من العين - ١٩٣٨
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date April 25, 1948
Distance from district 7 (km) South East of Haifa
Elevation from the sea 75 (meters)
Map location See location #4 on the map

View from satellite
Military Operation against town Either Bi'ur Chametz or Operation Bi'ur Chametz
Attacking Units Carmeli Brigade
Israeli acts of terror More than 60 villagers were massacred by the Haganah on the 31st of December 1947 (new years eve Massacre).
Refugees' migration route Some went to Haifa harbor, and some went to Acre.
Exodus Cause Military assault by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction Mostly the village has survived destruction. Many of the houses and shops are still standing and are occupied by Jewish settlers. The cemetery is visible and it's in a state of neglect. Late 1999, the cemetery and the grave of 'Izz al-Din al-Qassam were desecrated.
Ethnically cleansing by Israelis Partial ethnical cleansing took place already soon after the New Year's Eve massacre and on 24.April 1948, the rest of the inhabitants were ethnically cleansed and bused out by British troops.
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 5,844
Jewish 285
Public 3,720
Total 9,849
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum) Jewish (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 368 0
Area planted w/ olives 418 0
Planted W/ Cereal 4,563 78
Built up 241 0
Cultivable 4,931 78
Non-Cultivable 4,392 207
Year Population
19th century 350
1922 407
1931 747
1945 4,120
1948 4,779
Est. Refugees 1998 29,349
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 144
1948 921
Town's name through history The village was named after al-Shaykh 'Abdallah al-Sahli and the village cemetery currently contains the grave of al-Shaykh 'Izz al-Din al-Qassam (the grave was desecrated in late 1999).
Schools Balad al-Shaykh had an elementary school for boys which was founded by the Ottomans in 1887.
Notable people from town The village was named after al-Shaykh 'Abdallah al-Sahli and the village cemetary currently contains the grave of al-Shaykh 'Izz al-Din al-Qassam (the grave was desecrated in late 1999).
Shrines/maqams A Maqam for the renowned Sufi al-Shaykh 'Abdallah al-Sahli.
Archeological sites On the north side of the village is the tomb of Shaykh Abdallah al- Sahli and adjacent to it, it's Khan, which probably dates back to the Mameluk Period.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
Nesher township
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Status of The Village Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
"Many of the Arab houses and shops are still standing and are occupied by the settlement's inhabitants. The cemetery is visible and is in a state of neglect."

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