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Posted by محمد بهادر on MARCH-28-2013 #149254

لا ومليون لالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالا التنازل او التفريط بارض الاجداد
Posted by ابراهيم on OCTOBER-27-2011 #139091

لا والف لا لالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالا
التنازل عن ارض الاباء والاخداد
Posted by Abu Laith Al Dasoqi on NOVEMBER-3-2008 #56238

Absolutly not!! .. Never to compensation and never to the idea of another homeland. The Arab world is for the Arabs and Palestine shall always remain for us ; the Palestinians.

M. Abu Laith Al dasoqi
Posted by ابو مصطفى on AUGUST-23-2008 #50048

والف الف كلااااااااااااااااااا
Posted by Mohammad Ayesh on JULY-18-2008 #46200

Posted by Salwa Al-Azzeh on JULY-11-2008 #45525

No. i dont accept any kind of compensation instead of my homeland. nothing can compensate what my family and my people suffered during the last 60 years, just my original homeland the only thing whcih we are askin now and accept nothing else, no mony or substitue land