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Welcome To Jaffa - يافا (יפו)

District of Jaffa
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for Jaffa City: : The old city Of Jaffa, The Bride Of Palestine, looking north from 'Ajami neighborhood.
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Geography and Demography


Elevation from the sea 32 meters
Maps A detailed map of Jaffa city (almost 1 MB in size)

Map of Jaffa district and neighboring villages

Coastal shore length 5.5 (km)
Distance from other towns
Town Distance From Jaffa
al-Latrun 32 (km) west
Bab al-Wad 39 (km) west
Beersheba 105 (km) south west
al-Lydd airport 19 (km) west
Safad 162 (km) north West
Qisaryah 63 (km) north
al-Matalah 201 (km) north
Naharya 130 (km) north
Jinin 99 (km) north west via R'as al-'Ayn
Amman, Jordan 165 (km)
New York, USA 9,143 (km)
Jaffa's name though history

Jaffa's Name


Jaffa was first founded by the Canaanites and they used to call it Yafi (gorgeous).

Ancient Egyptians Yapu or Iapu
Israelites Yafo (its current name)
Assyrians Ya-ap-pu
Greeks Yoppa
Arabs Arabs called Jaffa Yafa, and some geographic Arabic books referred it by Yefeh too.
Nearby rivers and wadies al-'Awja River terminates 9 km north of Jaffa, and Rubin River (also known by Wadi al-Sarar) terminates 13 km south of Jaffa.
City area size In 1945, Jaffa city covered an area of 9,737 dunums, which didn't include the roads, wadies, and railroads, ... etc.
District's size Jaffa's district covered an area of 334.8 square kilometers, which included 18.6 square kilometers for roads, wadies, railroads, ... etc. In 1945, Zionists owned 129.5 square kilometers from the total district size, which constituted 38.6% of the district's total size.
Villages and settlements The district of Jaffa included 23 villages within its municipality, two German colonies (Sarounah and Weil Helma), and the following Jewish colonies:- Tel Aviv, Pitach Teqva (Mlabiss), Choloun, Tel Luftinski, and Beit Yam. Click here for a detail map for the villages and the nearby colonies in the district of Jaffa.
Year Total Arabs Jews
1931 51,866 44,638 7,209
1945 66,310 66,280 N/A
1947 70,760 70,760 N/A
1950 N/A 4,000 N/A
1958 56,500 6,500 50,000
1965 100,000 10,000 90,000
Before the 19th century, Jaffa's population varied between 500 to 5,000 people.
Click here for complete population break down.
Port Jaffa and Haifa ports were considered to be the major ports in Palestine, and both were publicly owned and operated by the Government of Palestine.
Before WW II, Jaffa's port was underdeveloped, and because of its treacherous sea ships often had to continue sailing north to Haifa. Usually, ships had to anchor few miles from the shore, and then unload their passengers and goods to small boats to transport them to the shoreline. As Haifa' port, Jaffa's port was developed just before WW II to receive steamers and passenger ships.
Average Temperature
Month/1944 Average* Average Hi* Average Low*
January 13 17.4 8.5
February N/A 18.6 N/A
March 14.6 20 9.1
April 17.1 22.5 11.8
May 19.1 23.3 14.9
June 22.4 27.2 18.6
July 24.6 28.7 20.4
August 24.6 29.1 20
September 23.5 28.7 18.4
October 21.7 27.2 16.2
November 18.4 22.8 13.9
December 14.7 18.7 10.7
* In centigrade.
For conversion purposes, temperature of 24 centigrade = 75 fahrenheit.
Rainfall and humidity
Year Rainfall* Humidity*
1929 727.7 76
1930 671.9 72
1931 404.7 70
1932 315.7 68
1933 308.3 71
1934 405.5 77
1935 718.0 75
1936 488.7 73
1937 N/A 75
1938 765.2 77
1939 880.3 69
1940 578.3 68
1941 525.9 68
1942 451.4 68
1943 814.7 70
1944 470.4 70
* In millimeters

Jaffa's population in details

Year Total Arab Muslims Arab Christians European Jews Others No. Of Houses
1886 17,000* 16,900 N/A*** 100 N/A N/A
1906 47,000* 42,500 N/A*** 5,500 N/A N/A
1910 70,000* 62,000 N/A*** 8,000 N/A N/A
1922 47,709 20,699 6,850 20,152 8 N/A
1931 51,866 35,506 9,132 7,209** 19 11,304
1945 66,310 50,880 15,400 N/A 30 N/A
1947 70,760 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
1950 N/A 4,000 N/A*** N/A N/A N/A
1958 56,500 6,500 N/A*** 50,00 N/A N/A
1965 100,000 10,000 N/A*** N/A 30 N/A
* These statistics also includes the villages and Jewish settlements in Jaffa district (Tel Aviv, Betach Tikvah, ..etc.)
** Excluding Tel Aviv.
*** Arab Christians statistics are included with Arab Muslims statisti

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Before Occupation


Mayor Jaffa's last mayor was Dr. Yosef Haykal.
City's income and expenses
Year Income* Expenses*
1927 29,148 28,880
1929 36,546 36,097
1933 65,732 51,424
1935 96,659 91,810
1936 49,039 66,882
1939 50,273 47,458
1941 84,670 75,892
1943 119,340 99,995
1944 201,639 193,585
* In Palestinian Pound
Agriculture Jaffa was well known for its cash crops as citrus and Bananas. In 1945, Arabs planted 146,316 dunums with Citrus, while 66,403 dunums were planted by Jews.
Industries Jaffa was the most advanced city in Palestine in the development of its commercial, banking, fishing, and agriculture industries. Jaffa had many factories specializing in cigarette making, cement making, tile and roof tile production, iron casting, cotton processing plants, traditional handmade carpets, leather products, wood box industry for Jaffa orange, textile, presses and publications. It should also be noted that the majority of all publications and newspapers in Palestine were published in Jaffa.

Since Israeli still maintains and enforces the "Law Of Absentees", all Jaffa's industries, farms, buses, cars, railroads, cattle, real states, ... etc. have been looted and became the property of the "Jewish state". When similar injustices were perpetrated against Europe's Jewish citizens (by the Germans and the Swiss during WWII), the Jews of the world demanded justice for their looted art works and properties. The question which begs to be asked is :-

Are the Palestinian people entitled for compensation for their looted properties?

imports and exports
Year Tons Imported Tons Exported
1926 121,552 45,554
1927 95,322 31,073
1928 113,269 330,699
1929 129,625 75,841
1930 133,241 100,862
1931 151,975 77,873
1932 221,123 106,824
1933 348,767 96,888
1934 486,974 120,967
1935 402,525 171,819
1936 135,493 115,302
1937 126,842 152,427
1938 113,042 149,766
1939 112,711 153,856
1940 43,025 58,704
1941 24,641 1,971
1942 3,219 1,980
1943 22,464 10,776
1944 8,886 7,493
Fishing industry
Season Quantity in Tons Worth in British Pound
1921 140 7,277
1922 147 13,760
1929-1930 306 15,325 *
1935-1936 670 23,028
1937-1938 705 26,318 **
1940-1941 550 19,946
1942-1943 573 119,190
1943-1944 957 250,890
1944-1945 1,056 292,570 ***
* Palestine total fishing for this year was 951 tons, which was worth 46,102 British Pounds.
** Palestine total fishing for this year was 1,699 tons, which was worth 59,651 British Pounds.
*** This was the only yearly statistic which did not include Tel Aviv's totals.


Filisteen Founded in 1909 by 'Issa Doud al-'Issa and Yousef al-'Issa. This newspaper was considered to be the largest newspapers in Palestine before al-Nakba, and al-Nakba it resumed publication in Jerusalem, and it 1967 was shut down.
al-Salam Founded in 1920 by Naseem Maloul, Its name means Peace.
al-Jazeerah Founded in 1924 by Hassan and Mahamoud al-Dajani. Is name means Island.
Sout al-Haq Founded in 1927 by Fihmi al-Husseini. Its name means The Voice of Truth.
al-Jamia' al-Islamyyah An islamic related paper, which was founded in 1932 by Suliman al-Taji al-Farouki.
al-Difa' Founded in 1934 by Ibrahim al-Shanti. Its name means Defense.
Haqiqat al-'Amr Founded in 1937 by the Histadrut in Tel Aviv.
al-Jihad Founded in 1939 by Muhammad al-Maslami
al-Sha'b Founded in 1947 by Hilmi Hanoun and Idmound Rouck. Its name means The People.
al-Youm Founded in 1949 by the Histadrut and its editor was Dr. Abu al-Thu'yb. Its name means Today.
al-Huryyah Founded by Heirout part (now the Likud party). Its name means Liberty.
Sada al-Taribyah Semi monthly newspaper founded in 1952. Its name means The Echo Of Education.
al-Youm le 'Awladuna Semi monthly newspaper for kids founded in 1960. Its name means A Day For Our Children.
al-T'awun Founded in 1961 by Dar al-Nasher al-'Arabi. Its name means Collaboration.


al-'Asma'i Founded in 1909 by Hana 'Abdallah al-'Issa, which was the first magazine to be published in Palestine.
al-Haqq Founded in 1923 by Fihmi al-Husseini. Its name means The Truth.
al-Nashra al-Tijaryyeh Founded in 1924 by Jaffa's chamber of commerce. Its name means The Commercial Publication.
al-Tahreer Founded in either 1935 or 1936 by Iskandar al-Halabi and Muhammad Yousef al-Din al-Irani. Its name means Liberation.

Suq Name

Bistriss-Iskandar 'Awad Named after the affluent Lebanese families, Bistriss and Iskandar 'Awad. The Suq used to start from the government building and it ended just before Jamal Basha avenue.
al-Dayr Belongs to the Waqf of the Roman Orthodox monastery.
al-Huboub For grain and agricultural products Suq.
al-Manshyyah It was located in al-Manshyyah neighborhood.
al-Maslakh The meat market.
al-Balabseh The merchants who founded this Suq trace their roots back to Balbees, Egypt.
al-Is'aaf The most modern Suq in Jaffa which was built on Jaffa's old cemetery.
Name Notes
The old city Located in the center of the city, which including al-Tabyeh, al-Qal'ah (the castle), and al-Naqeeb.
al-Manshyyah Located North of the city center, which was built after the WW I. The neighborhood was destroyed during the 1948 war.
'Irsheed Located south of al-Manshyyah, which was founded by Egyptians from Rasheed, Egypt.
al-'Ajami Located south of city center.
al-Jabalyyah A neighborhood south of al-'Ajami.
'Ihrayyesh A neighborhood North of al-'Ajami.
al-Nuzha The most modern section of Jaffa located west of city center, and it was built after WW I.
al-Malakan N/A
Residential areas The residential areas of Darweesh* (south), al-'Aryaneh, Abu Kabeer* (2 km west), Hamad* (north of Abu Kabeer), Sabeel Abu al-Nabut, al-Turki, Tall al-Reesh (west of city center) ...etc.

* These residential areas were founded by Egyptians soldiers who stayed behind after Ibrahim Basha's (son of Muhammad Ali) Palestine campaign, which ended in 1841.

Click here, for detail map description of all Jaffa neighborhoods.

Boys School Notes
High School*
Named after Abu 'Ubayda Ibn al-Jarah, the conqueror of Palestine in 18 Hijra, whose shrine is located in 'Imwas. The high school was founded in 1937, and was located in al-Nuzha neighborhood. The school had a library that used to contain 4,700 books.
Located next al-'Amouryah High School, and it had a library that contained 133 books.
al-Marwanyah* N/A
al-Ameriyah* N/A
al-'Ayoubyah* The school was founded in 1938, and it was located in al-'Ajami neighborhood. The schools library used to contain 991 books.
Hassan 'Arafa** Founded in 1940-1941 in al-'Ajami neighborhood. The school carries the name of its founder, a wealthy merchant by the name of Hassan 'Arafa, and it had an attendance of 404 students, and a library that contained 1,331 books.
al-Amawyah** Elementary school founded on October 10th, 1945
al-'Abasiyih** Elementary school that was founded on December 15th , 1946.
al-Riyad** An elementary school founded on December 1st , 1946, and it was named after the neighborhood that it was located in.
al-Yarmouk** Elementary school founded on November 1st, 1947
Tariq Ibn Ziyad** An elementary school founded on October 10th, 1947.
al-Fisalyah*** An elementary school located in the al-Manshyyah neighborhood, which had an attendance of 122 boys.
al-Islahyah*** An elementary school located in the Abu Kabeer neighborhood, which had an enrollment of 196 boys, and its library contained 524 books.

* Government school
** City school. Note that all city schools have cumulatively 39 instructors.
*** Private school
1)Cumulatively, all Government schools had an enrollment of 1,698 boys, and 54 instructors.
2)Cumulatively the last five city schools had an enrollment of 1,120 boys, and there libraries contained 766 books.
3)Jaffa also contained another undocumented 3 boys school and 6 mixed foreign schools.

Click here, for general school statistics.

Girls School Notes
High School*
Named after Madinat al-Zahra' nearby Qurtobah, Andalusia (Southern Spanish province), which was founded 1938 in al-Nuzha neighborhood. The school also used to have a library that contained 1,659 books.
Banat Yaffa* Located in al-Manshyyah neighborhood.
Khawlah Bent al-'Azhar* Located in al-Manshyyah neighborhood.
'Ameirah Subhyah* Located in al-'Ajami neighborhood.
'Asma' Bent al-Sideeq* Located in al-'Ajami neighborhood.
al-'Adawyah** An elementary school founded on October 10th, 1943, which had an enrollment of 468 students who were teaching them 14 instructors, and a library that had 538 books.
* Government school, and cumulatively had 1,604 students, and 45 instructors.
** City school.

Click here, for general school statistics.



al-Tabyeh The oldest mosque located in al-Tabyeh neighborhood in the Old City
al-Shaykh Raslan Located in the old city next to the Latin Monastery.
Hassan Basha Located on the road leading to the port near al-Manshiyyah neighborhood. The mosque is still standing, but it is abandoned and need serious renovations guys! The mosque was named after its founder the Algerian Hassan Basha who was the governor of Jaffa before WW I.
al-Bahr Located next to Hassan Basha mosque.
al-Kabeer Also known by al-Nabut mosque, named after the former Turkish governor of Jaffa. Marble columns from khirbats nearby Qissarya and al-Majdal 'Asqalan have been cannibalized for the mosque's construction.
al-Dabagh Located in the old city and named after the family which founded it (an affluent Jaffa family).
al-'Ajami Located in al-'Ajami neighborhood.
'Irsheed Located in 'Irsheed neighborhood.
al-'Jabalyyah Located in al-'Jabalyyah neighborhood.
al-Siksik Located west of the city center.
Hassan Biek Located in al-Manshyyah neighborhood.
al-Nuzha Located in al-Nuzha neighborhood.

It should be note that there were more mosques in the residential areas located between the plantations areas (bayarat) and Jaffa City.

Churches and Monasteries Jaffa had ten churches and three Monasteries.
  • Each of the Christian sects in Jaffa maintained a church of its own: Roman Catholics, Maronites, Armenian, Qebtic, Scottish, and Anglican Lutherans.
  • The Roman Orthodox maintained a church, a monastery for Saint Michael, and another church known by Saint George.
  • The Latin sect maintained a church, a monastery for Saint Peter, and another one for Saint Anthony as well.


al-Dajani Founded by Dr. Fou'ad al-Dajani in the early 30s. It had 50 beds and served 2,221 patients in 1944.
Government Founded during the Ottoman period in al-'Ajami neighborhood. In 1944, it had 160 beds, and served 2,939 patients.
French Founded in 1876 in al-'Ajami neighborhood, and in 1944 it had 57 beds, and served 869 patients.
British The hospital was located in al-'Ajami neighborhood, and in 1944 it had 160 beds, and served 2,939 patients.
German The hospital was in operation until WW II and until then it used to have 20 beds.
Archeological sites


Tel Yafa Contains the remains of a tower, graves, and written materials nearby Sabeel Abu Nbut neighborhood.
Tel Muqdad Located at the termination point of al-'Awja River (9 km north of Jaffa), which contained an ancient tower and building foundations.
Tel al-Qusylah Located south of al-Haram (Seidna al 'Ali) village
Tel Jareishah Also know by Tel Napoleon because it was the camping grounds of Napoleon during Jaffa's siege in 1799. This Tel contained an ancient cemetery.
al-Haddar Located near al-'Awja river which contained the remains of dams and water mills.
al-Khirbah Contained inscriptions and ancient mosaics.
Tel al-Raqeet Elevated 40 meters above see level and located 4 km north of the al-'Awja river termination point (just west of Keiryat Sha'ol)
Tel Abee Zeitun Located near al-Haddar (see above location) near the al-'Awja river.
Rashboun Also known by khirbat al-Muntar, located East of 'Arsouf.
Khirbat al-Hadrah Located near al-Haddar (see above location) near the al-'Awja river, which contained an ancient cemetery.

Jaffa's School Statistics

General School Counts Statistics (based on 1946 census)


Government 4 5 - 9
City 2 1 - 3
Private and National 8 3 13 24
Foreign 3 2 6 11
Total 17 11 19 47

Students Enrollment Breakdown By School Type (based on 1946 census)

Students Enrollment

Government City Others Total
Boys 1,704 935 4,272 6,911
Girls 1,533 372 2,724 4,629
Total 3,237 1,307 6,996 11,540
Percentage 28.1% 11.3% 60% 100%

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Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing


Occupation date 13th of May 1948
Attacking Israeli force More than 5,000 well trained and well equipped Haganah and IZL forces.
City defenders

Jaffa defenders were made up from of a combination forces as follows:-

  1. Arab Liberation Army headed by 'Abdel Nijim al-Din and Michael al-'Issa (Palestinian Christian from Jaffa).

  2. Local Palestinian volunteers.

  3. 50 Yugoslavian Muslim Mujahideens who volunteered to defend the city.

  4. Many Palestinian Germans from the German colonies near Jaffa and some Italian volunteers.

Altogether, the defending force was 1,500 volunteers strong, which was very poorly trained, under armed, and they had few months only to build Jaffa's crumbling defenses. Despite the odds, many of these heroes withstood a three months onslaught and siege.

It should be noted that Jaffa was never allocated to the Jewish state by the UN GA partition plane, and it had also no Arab Armies.

Click here, to read more about the battle for for Jaffa in Arabic.

Refugees' migration route The mass majority of Jaffa's inhabitants, numbering at least 50,000, were pushed into the sea. Similarly, Haifa's population, numbering at least 35,000, suffered the same fate on the May 23rd, 1948. .  Click here to view a map that illustrates refugees' migration routes.

Via boats, many of the refugees landed in Gaza, 'Areash (Egypt), and some made it all the way to Beirut (Lebanon). Also some people fled inland to al-Ramla, al-Lydd, and the well off refugees fled to Jerusalem and Amman.

Ironically, often Zionists accuse the Arabs of plotting to push the Jews into the sea!

Ethnical cleansing The mass majority of Jaffa's population were ethnically cleansed. Out of the 70,000 Palestinians who used to call Jaffa home, only 3,650 were allowed to stay. The remaining Palestinian population were boxed in al-'Ajami neighborhood, where their movements were severely restricted until 1966.

Click here, for a detail eye witness account depicting the cleaning of Jaffa.

Casualties on both sides According to Manachem Bagen, IZL has taken at least 1,000 casualties (either killed or injured), and unknown number for Haganah's casualties. On the Palestinian side, they suffered over 1,300 killed including 20 Yugoslavian Muslim Mujahideens.

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Jaffa Today

Soon after occupation, the Zionists blew up and bulldozed most of Jaffa's (75%) Arab section, and only the al-'Ajami, Old City, and small part of al-Mansheyyah survived demolition. Mostly (if not all) Jaffa's Suqs were obliterated including Suq al-Nahaseen, Suq al-Balabseh, Suq al-Maslakh, ..etc. In 1954, Jaffa became the suburb of Tel Aviv, and since then both cities are known by Tel Aviv-Yafo. Currently, Jaffa's Old City neighborhood is being renovated, and mostly it is being inhabited by artists.
Jaffa's main port has been closed and all its shipping has been diverted either to Tel Aviv or Isdud ports. Jaffa's main Clock Square now called Kikea Hagana (The Haganah's Square) and Jaffa's main street Bistress-Iskandar 'Awad is now known by Rehev Mifrats Shelomo. Jamal Basha street name has been changed to Jerusalem street, and big portion of al-Manshiyyah neighborhood became a public park. It also should be note that currently Jaffa's Arab population numbers around 10,000 people.

Click here for up to date information about the situation of Palestinian Arabs in Jaffa.

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Our primary sources for the above data was Biladuna Filisteen (second set, volume four) by Mustafa Murad al-Dabagh and The Palestine Encyclopedia.

Want to browse more? 80,000 pictures were grouped in these gallaries:


Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
أسامة منصور - يافا, فلسطين
Maha sharawi - -
الائي انشاصي انشاصي عمان, الاردن
سعد طه طه Palestine, Ramallah
S.B.H. - -
عيسى ابو طه ابو طه Amman
عماد فرماوي فرماوي Amman, Jordan
عادل شرقاوي شرقاوي الامارات
محمد السكسك - جبل النزهة, الاردن
محمد السكسك - جبل النزهة, الاردن
محمد السكسك - -
Yousef Matari Matari Yafa (Jaffa), Palestine (occupied in 1948)
Abdullah Khalaf - -
نور اللبابيدي - غزة, فلسطين
علي الدح - الشارقة
محمود البيروتي - -
نوار طاهر البهلول البهلول دمشق, سوريا
نور طاهر البهلول البهلول دمشق, سوريا
فارس طاهر البهلول البهلول دمشق, سوريا
إياد طاهر البهلول البهلول دمشق, سوريا
محمد علي شرقاوي - دمشق
مقاتل يافا - غزة
غالب ابوهيبة ابو هيبة عمان, الاردن
صالح الجمل - amman
بدواني للأبد - -
يافاوي بكل فخر zeno amman, jordan
سميح ألنيص قلقيليه
HaMoDi جادالحق -
سلوى سطل سطل فلسطين, يافا
ahmadabdulqader المشهراوي السويد
ام مصطفى بظاظو -الكردي -
المحامية ديمة اسكندراني عائلة السيد اسكندراني دمشق
إسماعيل أبوسعدة - -
jerby Aljerby London, UK
Hussam M. R.O. Saber Al Saber Qatar, qatar
ابوعرب ابو شندى ابوشندى قطاع غزة, فلسطين
samia yafa alsaber yafa
يافاوي فلاوي قنديل مكة المكرمة
YASSIN ABU LIBDEH abu libdeh greece
shaaban al-qassas القصاص عمان, الاردن
Bint Jaffa - Doha, Doha
Ali أبو غليون -
محمد عيسى الحج يحيى جبل النصر, الاردن
Yazan Al-Zabalawi - -
المصري سات المصري عمان, عمان
aleafawe Saber doha, doha
Khalid ABDELRAHIM ABDELRAHIM Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Rami Khalaf Khalaf Oregon, USA
abo salameh - denmark
ابن يافا - قطر-
omar al hawamdeh al hawamdeh NJ, United States Of America
fadi al kalha - -
محمد تركي تركي حائل, السعودية
Husni K. M. Liswi لصوي (Liswi-Laswi-Laswy-Luswi) Amman, Palestine
Rawan Karawan karawan Amman, Jordan
Abuimara أبو عمارة Granada, Spain
Nizar Wafa Wafa -
خالد هنيه هنيه Amman, Jordan
YAZ Zabalawi Germany
Rashad Al Amiri العامري -
haya - Amman, Jordan
ريان ريان -
medhat alzebdeh bucharest, romania
ابوخليل ابوشندي amman, jordan
Eman Abu Mousa - Abu Dhabi
YehiaAR Abdul Rahim Beirut, Lebanon
ابن يافا nour burij
Mosa'b Alshayeb Alshayeb - Alhajj yehia DUBAI, UAE
bassam matari - birute, Lebanon
محمد احمد محمد ابوحجر ابوحجر East Midlands, England
musleh Musleh Jordan, al-safriyya
Naim Al siksik Al sakasik -
ابو ابراهيم دويدار دويدار طرابلس, ليبيا
عاشق يافا - Lebanon
ابوشندي - amman
ny3ram; sahabat - -
وليد هنية هنية عمان, الأردن
Esmat Ghanem Ghanem Kuwait, Kuwait
UM Mohammed Abueljubain -
Massoud Nimer Massoud Abo Al Afyeh Abo Al Afyeh K. S. A. , K. S. A.
فلسطيني خضر الامارات, الامارات
تامر العزب - -
ياسمين ابو زيد يافا
أسعد عبد الرحمن السيد أحمد / القردحجي الرياض, السعودية
علي أروادي أروداي الرياض
Saeed Kayyali Amman, Jordan
سامي الرشيدي سكر الرشيدي العاصمة, الاردن
Jehan Al Hasani - Amman, Jordan
عبدالفتاح محمد غانم غانم عمان, ألأردن
Shamsuddin Dabbagh - -
جواد الديباش - -
ابو السيس بدح عمان
اليازوري الحوامده عمان, الاردن
Rania Laswi Laswi Amman
Ghadeer Kolaghassi Kolaghassi Kuwait, Kuwait
Moustafa Zarandah - British Colombia, Canada
Juman A.J - Jordan/Palestine
khaled Odetallah MANASRA Amman, Jordan
Abd al monem abu kishik abu kishik -
سعيد الكلباني الكلباني الأردن
bigyara - -
Samah Bahtishi - -
wafi78 - -
al moghrabi al moghrabi ca, usa
shuhaibar shuhaiber palestine, palestine
أسامه عبدالفتاح Dhahran, saudi arabia
الياس الخوري الخوري -
om kaled - -
Samer Bali - الامارات
علي العمرى العمري -
BMW abo alsayyed -
فتحاوي الللي غزة
yafawee ellily -
سامي يوسف - عمان, الأردن
Akram Abedulkareem Sharawi sharawi Jordan, Jordan
moon - amman, jordan
Mohammed Elabyad Elabyad -
DamatiMan Damati -
3ashek torab yafa - amman, jordan
سليم ابراهيم ابو حجر ابو حجر الزرقاء, الاردن
Sahar Al Tellawi Al Tellawi Amman
أبو خالد الكردي -, QATAR
هترية - -
Michele El Kassir El Kassir Casalserugo - Padova, Italy
Mohammad هتريه amman, jordan
Ali Derbashi - -
yafa-dream - -
ابن يافا تركي عمان, عمان
qombarjee القمبرجي QATAR
- AL-Sharkawi -, UAE
أبو اسماعيل الشيخ الإمارات
fatoom - riyadh
wisam al makkawi al makkaw dearborn, usa
chira6 el-yafi LYON, France
Hussam Sayyed sayyed -
Fadi Almoghrabi Almoghrabi Beirut, Libanon
Khamis Almoghrabi Almoghrabi Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
خميس المغربي الكويت
Rashida Almoghrabi Almoghrabi -
Feras Sweidan سويدان UAE, UAE
طاهر البهلول البهلول دمشق
ianwar Abu Taha -
Mahmoud Hammoudeh Hammoudeh amman, Jordan
RAOUF ABU LABAN Abu Laban Amman, Jordan
Waleed Dallal Dallal jordan, Jordan
Saéd Abu Taha Abu Taha Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ahmad Abu Taha Abu Taha Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Basil Khalaf Khalaf Saudi Arabia
عثمان أبو زنيد الشرحة -
atiya saleh georgia, us
yafa - -
mayaimo Sarnag Gِteborg, SWEDEN
بسمله - الجزائر
Abu Bassam AL BAGHDADY Alain, U A E
Feras ALshaer ALshaer uppsala, sweden
ShebLi - Jordan, Jordan
Anas El-Zayyat El-Zayyat -
موسى الزقزوق الزقزوق -
يافاوي Yafawi أيوب (أبو دقيق) Ayyoub Amman, Jordan
محمود الجزائري الجزائري عمان
abuammar الدريني الزرقاء, الأردن
abufadi abuseedo cairo, egypt
Taghrid Matari MATARI IL , IL
amina amona mousa - manila, philippines
Grace Nemeh Ghunaim Ghunaim -
Ramy ilsayegh Jaffa
Abu Rabieh akileh -
Hani Nicola Sabanekh Sabanekh Amman, Jordan
هاني البيطار البيطار Bahrain, Bahrain
ساره ياسين صنعاء, اليمن
Abo Samer - -
nly alsamhouri -
Mousa Bitar Bitar Amman
Kawther wafa wafa -
Samir Al Kayyali Kayyali U.A.E
Afaf Taji FAROUKI - -
Azmi El Bawwab El Bawwab Germany
Tharwa Laswy Laswy Ontario, Canada
عبد القادر سطل - يافا, فلسطين
Abu Jaleal Sanjak Michigan, USA
Samir El-Omari - Montreal, Canada
دبكات SHALTAF سرائيل , زعترة
MAHMOUD ABU SHINDI abu shindi amman, jordan
وفاء - -
Hukkinun AlQara Amman, Jordan
Haytham G. Zeidan zeidan Tulkarm, palestine
Eyad Banat Jeddah
joseph sahab - -
Fefo Palestine Amman, Jordan
Zulfa Abuljebain Abuljebain Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mohamed El Salahi - Cairo, Egypt
mohamed abdelmalek abunar abu nar london ontario, canada
A.Badaro - Amman, Jordan
Ammar Hajjaj Hajjaj Amman, Jordan
Sama Munayare "Abu Rafi" Maine, USA
Ola El Madhoun - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Said Al Moghrabi Al moghrabi Lebanon
Mustafa Sammak Al- Sammak Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Fawwaz Salameh Salameh Amman, Jordan
havana gabayen khobar, saudi arabia
محمد هنية hanieh UAE, UAE
Hosam El Deen Ibraheem Lutfi Al Dajani Al Dajani Tribe of Jaffa MD, USA
Mohammed Aghawani ALAghawani Palestine, Palestine
Amr Al-Nounou Al-Nounou -
Hussein Zubidh - -
Khalil Aburizik - Cairo, Egypt
Darwish Mustafa Hamami Al-Hamami Eastern Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Amer lutfi abo shulih abo shulih UAE, UAE
farah - -, jordan
Issam El Masri Abu Ismail NRW, Germany
Ayman Awwad Awwad riyadh, Saudi arabia
Radi Al-Sairafi Al-Sairafi Amman, Jordan
Samer Abu Taha Abu Taha Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
FAISAL ABU-GHABEN abu-ghaben -
عادل رشيد أبو انس الأسعد -
Sima Abu Taha Amman, Jordan
Zaid Alsiksek - -
Tariq Tariq Toronto, Canada-Ont
halima AL Sharqawi -
Charly Sahlieh Sahlieh New York, USA
alberto mussa allah -
abu waleed alsaradi -
Jamal Samhouri Al Samhouri CA, USA
Ahmed Atta ????? -
ghaith abu laban - -
Imad Abiad(El-Abiad) El Abiad Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
khaled naanaa - lebanon
hamatto Hamatto U.A.E, U.A.E
Jamal Malow Al-Ain Malow Al-Ain Dubai, United Arab Emirates
alyaman - tripoli
Nader M. Salahi ----- ??? Conn., U.S.A
ibrahim banat - tn, usa
Dr. Marwan El-Sadek El-Sadek Germany, Germany
rima aldabbagh - Lebanon
Pamela DiIulio - -
mazin abunar ABUNAR -
FAWAZ&U none none, lebanon
Fadi Attia England, United Kingdom
hanaa abueid abueid israel, palestine
abo rgeed mohram gaza strep, palstine
Hananghali Ghali Saida, Lebanon
Zayd Hammoudeh - PA, USA
Ahmed Seksek - Ontario, Canada
Norman Ali Khalaf Khalaf Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
A.Anwar Sacca - -
el-Jamal - Denmark, Denmark
Osama Shahab Al Din Shahab Eldin Manama, Bahrain
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