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Jaffa - يافا : St. Anthony's Catholic Church in the Old City, 1992
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Jaffa - يافا : St. Anthony's Catholic Church in the Old City, 1992

Posted by Prince, Peaceful Israeli Uploaded on February 25, 2001
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Posted by Samira Ishaq on March 7, 2011 #131251

mr. salim and mr george both are wright it is st. anthony catholic church and the priest was abouna bonaventura god rest his soul. and behind the church was al nadi al antoni both buildings were at al ajami street i was born in jaffa the bride of the sea i hope to see lt liberated before i pass on/
Posted by Salim El Far on April 20, 2008 #35320

True, this Church is St. Anthony's Catholic Church but it is situated in Ajami Street and not in the Old City as mentioned. Please rectify.
Posted by george on August 24, 2007 #19481

i wonder if the priest was father mantoura was he related to michael alfred mantoura if so please respond to the above email we may be related
Posted by Salim El Far on February 1, 2007 #13357

This Church reminds me of Father Bonaventure(Abouna Mantoura) the Priest who I used to meet every morning on my way to school. Next to the Church is a School Named (Terra Sancta) in English Holy Land
Posted by Tony Gelat on January 26, 2007 #13184

The name of the church is missplelled. It is, in French, St. Antoine's Catholic Church, and in English: St. Anthony's Catholic Church