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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa Street Scene In 1948 Downtown #1 (2000). Help us identify the name of the market in the below comments section
Help us identify the direction, places, people,...etc. in this picture? Post your comment (8 comments)
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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa Street Scene In 1948 Downtown #1 (2000). Help us identify the name of the market in the below comments section

  Uploaded on November 5, 2001

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Posted by edgar zarifeh on May 9, 2015 #156525

Bulbeis is a town in North East Egypt and any person moving to another town from Bulbeis is called Bulbeisi. The plural of Bulbeisi is Balabseh. So in any town in the Middle East the Bulbeisis conglomerate, the place is called Haret el Balabseh or Souk el Balabseh, etc... It does not mean that they are the same family.
Posted by قتيبة on February 22, 2013 #148887

هده السوق خلف سوق الدير من الناحية الشمالية
Posted by younes ali osrof on September 26, 2012 #146295

this street is shareh arbaah its the mean street in old jaffa
today is yefet street this picture is between the flee market and old jaffa
Posted by nabil hashem on October 17, 2009 #92151

عمان الأردن ، إسم البلابسه هو جمع لإسم عائله البلبيسي وهم عائلة أصلاً من مصر عائله عربيه متعلمه مسلمه نجحوا في التجارة في مصر فلسطين والأردن و إعتقد ان الإسم هنا جمع لعدد من تجار عائله البلبيسي اشتغلوا تجار في هذا الحي التاريخي
Posted by ibrahim albalabseh on August 22, 2009 #87027

السلام عليكم كتير جميل هذا الموقع بس ياريت حد بيعرف اكثر عن اسم البلابسه
فهذا شارع خالد البلابسه في يافا
وسوق البلابسه في عمان الاردن
وعزبه البلابسه في مصر
Posted by dr.muna abdelhadi on December 17, 2008 #60217

My mother ;family name albeitar.was 14 years old,she remembered some areas as Iskander Awad streat and this pictur is a bransh called albalabseh streat ,was for shops with different goods like cloths,materials and different merchants,from syria,lebanon and palastenians.
Posted by mk on April 19, 2008 #35253

the beggining of yefet st. a little after the clock tower and a little before tabeetha and frere school
Posted by Ramy on September 21, 2007 #20712

This is the bigining of yefet street of today and 3ajami street of those days