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Jaffa - يافا : مصبنة دمياني من روعة الفن العماري اليافاوي الاصيل. 9/6/2003


مصبنة دمياني من روعة الفن العماري اليافاوي الاصيل.  9/6/2003

Posted by Makbula Nassar on June 10, 2003
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This soap factory was just rented to Dimiani family but actualy was owned by The Abu Radwan family trust. I am sure of this information as my oldest auntie knows the full story from my grand father Said Mustafa Abu Radwan, who died in Yaffa in 1940.
Dear Madam, Sir,

Thank you for a great site. I am of the Abu Radwan/Radwan family of Yafa City. I was born in Beirut. I live in London and chasing my family history in Yaffa. I know the Sea mosque was build by Musa Pacha Abu Radwan around 1750. Is it the same mosque named Al-Mina mosque? In some photos I could see 2 mosques manarat on the sea side. I am in the process of writing my family history starting from Prince Radwan bin Mustafa in 1550. I would appreciate any help. Thks.
This was called Masbeit Dumyani