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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's famous al-Hamra Palestinian cinema (1937) in Jamal Basha street. Note the Palestinian flag at the tower.
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Jaffa - يافا : Jaffa's famous al-Hamra Palestinian cinema (1937) in Jamal Basha street. Note the Palestinian flag at the tower.

Posted by Joehar Hamdan Uploaded on November 19, 2005
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Posted by Rui Pereira on July 8, 2014 #154737

How is it that this cinema is now owned by the Church of Scientology. Was the theatre expropriated from its owner after 1948? The Church of Scientogogy claims that their new centre is meant as their headquarters in the ME.
Posted by د. شفيق الخليل on March 29, 2014 #154064

سينما الحمرا في مدينة يافا وعلى ما اذكر كان هناك مقهى على يمين الصورة بجانب السينما حيث كان رواد السينما ينتظرون فيه موعد العرض ويتناولون فيه المرطبات والشاي والقهوةوكان مقهى في الهواء الطلق .
Posted by وليد شعبان on January 27, 2012 #141254

عالي علمك وعالمك يا يافا العروبة
Posted by iseida on December 22, 2010 #128042

Mustafa Abusada?
Does any one know his name? He was my grandfather. They say he owned a restaurant, Venezia. He disappeared
Posted by yaser on July 8, 2010 #117149

سيرفرف عليك علم فلسطين من جديد وسيقبل نسماتك النقية
وتطل عيناه ترقبان اطفال المدارس وهم يهرعون الى مدارسهم اقترب الفجر يا امنا فلسطين لم يبق الا القليل
Posted by حمودة on September 7, 2009 #88358

انا تاتا تبعتي كانت مداومه هناك
Posted by نينو on January 11, 2009 #63113

تاتا كانت دائما تروح ع سنما الحمرا
انا من يافا
Posted by oabsio on October 12, 2008 #54534

It's for the Himmo family.
Posted by Fouad Youssif on April 5, 2008 #33771

كم سمعت عن سينما الحمرا من احاديث والدي عنها وعن ذكرياته معها نحن من يافا عائلة النوري
Posted by walid sheikha on April 4, 2008 #33721

My Father is shair holder, I remmber the site chair insid sammet red color, I know the Family Al Kayyali, my father name Sobhi Yassin Sheikha, we have live in al ajameh, in green villa, beside us bet Abu Al Kheir.
Posted by coarc on March 7, 2008 #30871

Alhambra not Al Hamra
Posted by وسيم اكرم الكيالي on May 8, 2007 #15572

I would like to inform you that al Hamrah Cenima is for my grandfather from my mother said and his name is Adel yassin Al Kayyali
Posted by Salim El Far on February 6, 2007 #13561

This is the most luxurious movie theatre in the Palestine of 1948. The seats are velvet padded in red. Even the colour of the inner walls is metallic red.