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Posted by Tariq Shehadeh on NOVEMBER-29-2020 #160560

No. There is not homeland other than Palestine and Palestine will always be the homeland and nothing can or ever will change this. Every inch of Palestine belongs to Palestinians and no Palestinian should ever settle for anything less. There is a lyric in the great Arab classic song "El Watan Al Akbar" by Mohammed Abdel Wahab which goes:
وطني يا زاحف لانتصراتك
ياللي حياة المجد حياتك
في فلسطين وجنوبنا الثائــــر
حنكملك حرياتك
احنا وطن يحمي ولا يهدد
احنا وطن بيصون مايبدد
وطن المجد
يا وطني العربي

Palestine is our sole homeland and we will strive to return.