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Posted by motaz on MARCH-23-2008 #32603

Ali Hasan ALhafnawi died march,13,2008
Alaa ra7met ellah
enna lellah wa enna lah raje3oon
Posted by noor omar on DECEMBER-16-2007 #25408

TO the (alnady) familly from salamih//palestine ,,,,
I would like to confirm all the members of alnady abdulhameed from salamih palistine that Mr (nady nemir alhaj hassan abdul alhameed) pass away in 1/4/2007 from 89years...(inna lilah wa inna ilayh raji3oon) and our condelonce to all his familly ,,,
Posted by abdelrahman aburami on FEBRUARY-17-2007 #13926

الـى الصديق الدكتور رزق صقر واخوته الاعزاء
عظم الله اجركم بوفاة الوالده انشـاء
الله الجنة مثواها ولكم ولاولادكم طول لبقاء