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Nazareth - الناصرة : General view of Nazareth from Mount Tabor (#1)
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Nazareth - الناصرة : General view of Nazareth from Mount Tabor (#1)

  Uploaded on January 14, 2007

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Posted by ناصرويه on April 6, 2009 #73179

هدا جبل القفزه مش الطور ومش طابور
Posted by فوزي ناصر on March 10, 2008 #31210

جبل القفزة وليس الطور.
Posted by فوزي on February 29, 2008 #30156

القفزة وليس الطور
Posted by monther kawar on January 5, 2008 #26639

general view taken from el-kafza mountain looking north. we can see some tourists walking up to the top of the mountain, where they can see a panoramic scene of Yezra'el (Ben A'amer) valley
Posted by محمد كريم on January 5, 2008 #26619

هذه الصورة مأخوذة من جبل القفزة وليس من جبل طابور وهذه معلومة مؤكدة.

فاقتضى التنويه