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Posted by abdlghni on JUNE-7-2017 #158502

Not for anything in the world.
Posted by nadia on SEPTEMBER-15-2011 #137861

no no no no
Posted by Souheil Mansour on FEBRUARY-21-2009 #68362


Palestine - Frome the River to the Sea.

Saffuriya is my body and Al-Qastal is my blood.
Posted by khaled elshans on MAY-27-2008 #39666

Posted by amal abu khurj on MAY-10-2008 #37538

لا بديل ابدا عن حق العوده
Posted by shahrazad on APRIL-17-2008 #35106

la 2na la 2kbl eltwten wlt3wed bdel elwtn w7k el3wdah wla knoz eldnya bt3wdne 3n 7fnt trab mn blde elgalye sfforye .
Posted by Leda Mansour on APRIL-13-2008 #34654

Non, je refuse tout, le droit au retour est éternel...