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Safad - صفد : General View Of Safad, 1946
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Safad - صفد : General View Of Safad, 1946

Posted by Prince, Peaceful Israeli Uploaded on May 2, 2001
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Posted by Eiad Murad on January 13, 2009 #63498

آه يابلدي ما أغلاكي ....... و ما أحلاكي
ان أنا لم أراكي..... سيراكي بأدن الله أحفادي
Posted by Jamal Kussad on June 15, 2008 #42292

To the left of the photo is the neighborhood called Haret Al-Sawaween (home to the Murad and Qaddoura families). You can see the white dome of the Jame' Al-Khafaja which is no longer a mosque, but an art gallery now. In the middle of the picture is the Haret Al-Souq (the main street with the market). To the right, the ascending slope leading to the Qala'a (Safad Fortress) is the Haret Al-Qala'a (home to some of the oldest Safadi families: Qussad, Farhoud, Qoussi, Abul-Einein).
Posted by feras on April 8, 2008 #34038

احبك يامدينتي التي لم اراها