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Safad - صفد : An Aerial View Of Safad, 1970
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Safad - صفد : An Aerial View Of Safad, 1970

Posted by Prince, Peaceful Israeli Uploaded on May 2, 2001
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Posted by أدهم حديد on September 1, 2009 #87939

صفد رائعة
Posted by robinm5771 on June 24, 2008 #43439

My husband's Palastinian family has a truly historical legacy in Safad. At one time his great grandfather was a Mayor of Safad and had the privilege of being elected democratically by both Muslim & Jewish voters. Unfortunately, his family had to leave on foot in 1947-48 with what they could carry on their backs. Forced to walk north into the hills of Lebanon to escape Zionist snipers who were shooting at their homes and children playing on the rooftops scattered among the foothills of Safad. It is truly unfortunate that in the 21st century, we as human beings continue to argue and fight over such petty, religious innuendo. It is the Palestinians right to re-claim their homeland and reap the lands of which they bought and paid for but were raped and pillaged of. I for one had the pleasure of visiting Safad in 1996. When at the same time, a historical moment in history took place. Israel & Jordan agreed to a sort of peace and the phone lines were actually opened for those in Jordan and all of Israel to pick up a telephone and call one another. Up until then, all phone lines were closed for such dialogue either way. Imagine as a US citizen, living within the US, not being able to call the state next door to you! It would be unheard of! Unfortunately, we as US citizens never really hear about such news within our media. When will the US truly be a democracy, just as Israel portrays itself to be? When will we look upon each other as human beings and not categorize ourselves within minuet religious segments? We have to far to go and so little time to enjoy one an-other's friendship.