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Welcome To al-Farradiyya
District of Safad
الفرّاضية - אל-פראדיה
Ethnically cleansed days ago

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כדי לתרגם עברית
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Statistic/Fact Value
Israeli occupation date February 1, 1949
Distance from district center 8 (km) South West of Safad
Elevation from the sea 375 (meters)
Map location See location number #71 on the map
Israeli military operation Operation Hiram
Israeli attacking brigade Golani Brigade
Exodus Cause Expulsion by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction by Israelis The village has been completely destroyed, and only house walls and rubble left behind.
Ethnically cleansed by Israelis al-Farradiyya inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Terminating refugee camps Many of the refugees were scattered in Tel al-Za'tar, Shatila, Sabra, Ayn al-Hilwah, and Meiyah Ew-Meiyah refugee camps in Lebanon, and few became internal refugees in the upper Galilee, occupied Palestine.
Land ownership before occupation
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 15,228
Jewish 0
Public 4,519
Total 19,747
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 1,182
Area planted w/ olives 703
Planted W/ Cereal 4,183
Built up 25
Cultivable 5,365
Non-Cultivable 14,357
before occupation
Year Population
1596 237
19th century 150
1922 362
1931 465
1945 670
1948 777
Est. Refugees 1998 4,773
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 101
1948 168
Town's name through history The Romans referred to the village by Parod
Schools The village had an elementary school for boys.
Shrines/maqams A shrine for a local religious teacher known by al-Shaykh Mansour
Water supplies Springs that originated from Mount al-Jarmaq (al-Shaykh) provided al-Farradiyya with plenty of fresh water supplies, and enough running water to power several water mills.
Archeological sites The village contained the ruins of water mills and an aqueduct
Exculsive jewish colonies on town's lands Qaddarim, Shefer, and Parod
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Town Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
The site is deserted and covered with wild thorns, trees, and piles of stones from the destroyed homes. Cactuses grow on the land around the site, which is mostly utilized for grazing animals

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