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Tiberias - طبريه : Staff group of Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias, Feb. 8, 1943
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Tiberias - طبريه : Staff group of Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias, Feb. 8, 1943

Posted by Joehar Hamdan Uploaded on October 13, 2006
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Posted by Bari Tarmon on February 19, 2012 #141829

I was born in that hospital in February of 1954. It seems quaint and unusual today to tell anyone who asks where I was born, as it sounds quite odd to say that I was born in a Scott's Mission hospital in Tiberias, Israel!

My parents lived in kibutz Kfar Blum at the time and it was the obvious choice for a maternity hospital.

From what I've read, the hospital was very essential in those years as there was no other that would take in everyone who needed medical assistance.
Posted by victoria ewart on August 2, 2008 #47954

My great grandfather was Dr David Watt Torrance, known as the Galilee Doctor, who founded the hospital. An internet search on him will lead you to other photographs and information about Palestine, Tiberias and the hospital, held now in the archives at Dundee university, called the Torrance collection.
In picture 9833, in the middle is a nurse with a nurse؟s cap and below her to her left is Uncle Herbert, Lydia and Julia؟s father, the brother of my Grandmother, Marjorie. Below him and to his left is Aunt Gladys, Herbert؟s second wife.

Picture 8585 is old and in the middle is the main hospital and to it؟s left, is I think the maternity hospital. There are photos taken from here of Auntie Irma, Julia and Lydia؟s mother who died in Shanghai on a round the world trip. Lydia took many of the photographs.
I hope this is helpful.
Wishing you well with your project.
Posted by Heather Ewart on August 2, 2008 #47920

The doctor in the white coat on the right in middle row is my uncle Dr Herbert Torrance and on his left is his wife Gladys Torrance the matron of the hospital
Posted by Hala Sayegh on May 16, 2007 #15858

The man in the middle of the back row, in a dark suit and tie, is my grandfather, Reverand Abdallah Sayegh, pastor of the Protestant Church in Tiberias at that time, and up to the Nakba in 1948.