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Tracing all that remains of Qula, al-Ramla since Nakba
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Uri Zackhem on February 24, 2007
9 min 27 sec
Uri Zachkem in cooperation with it friends in Israel present

Tracing All That Remains of Qula, al-Ramla - Palestine.

Qula is a Palestinian village located 14km northeast of al-Ramla. In 1948, it used to have a population of 1,200 people and no less than 200 houses.

In July 1948, Israelis ethnically cleansed Qula and destroyed it completely and now it serves the Israeli public as "Qula National Park", something that Israelis did to most destroyed Palestinians villages.

Produced and Directed by Uri Zackhem


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Posted by Webmaster on July 1, 2013 #151863

Posted by معاذ منصور عمر عثمان on November 12, 2009 #94735

انا معاذ منصور عمر منصور
ابن قوليه الحبيبه سمعت كثير من ستي الله يرحمها عن بلدنا وكان حكيها بثير في القلب شجون وحنين ولكن لما سمحت الفرصه وزرت فلسطين وطنا عرفت معنى الوطن والشعور بالانتماء لهالارض المباركه وبذلت مجهود لاذهاب لارى قريتنا قوله الجميله مع انها مدمره كليا ولكنها كانت تفوح برائحة الاجداد وفي هذه الاثناء رأيت حكايات جدتي بعيوني يالها من لاحظات لا تنسا ابدا فرح كبير وعيون باكيه
Posted by Abu Hamza Alyounis on February 22, 2009 #68465

اخوكم حسني محمود اليونس - ابو حمزه اليونس
عرفت قوليه من والدي رحمهم الله
تعرفت عليها وعلى كل بيت كان فيها وعلى اهلها الكرام
سألت كل من عاش فيها قبل النكبه
عشقتها وعشقت ترابها وشجرها وبياراتها وبيوتها وسكانها
للأسف لم استطع زيارتها بعد احتلال الضفه
وانا من مواليد الحبيبه طولكرم
ومن ثم وبعد حرب ال 67 خرجنا الى الاردن وعشنا فيها الى 76 والان نعيش في السعوديه - الرياض
لله درك ارض فلسطين
لدينا اليقين بالنصر والعودة اليك مهما طال الزمن
سنعود باذنه تعالى
Posted by جميل الزغل on October 15, 2008 #54772

One of the most important needs to person is belonging .It is psychological damage when someone lives without such a need.So ,loving and belonging to homeland is a basic to healthy balanced person. Peoples who went astray and forgot thier home land might be considered in sin and sain , don't be one of them.Be patriotic and do something for your homeland.
Posted by جميل الزغل on October 15, 2008 #54770

It time to do something in our attempt to restore our homeland .This is an invitation to my peoples ,particullarly from Qula (Qulia) to share their feelings and suggestions in making our dream in return to reality , near reality.
Loving homeland is from one's faith .Jamil Alzaghal
Posted by فراس منصور دبور on July 27, 2008 #47200

أعز الأوطان إلى قلبي
Posted by sbrazina on July 13, 2008 #45737

Read the account of the battle for Qula on pages 292-293 of "1948" by Benny Morris. The officical Israeli report talks of 16 badly mutilated bodies of Israeli troopers who were captured alive by the Arabs. No wonder the village was razed after its recapture by Israel!
Posted by fakhri khalaf on March 3, 2008 #30419

Saying THANK YOU,,will never be enough to express my feelings after seeing the remains of my anccestors village THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE,,even though just ruins of the remains,but it still HAS A NAME = QULA,,, the village of SHEIKH HASSAN SALAMAH,, THE GREAT LEADER OF 1948 REVELUTION,,( just to confirm the fact that SHEIKH HASSSAN SALAMEH is originally from tje village RANTEES ,near RAMALLAH,-same village of Dr. ABDEL AZEEZ AL RANTEESY-) another important information that QULA is also the village of ABU SALEH(el-shayeb,with all wight hair),NEMER SALEH-his original name- the milishea leader of FATE7,AL 3ASEFA, IN LEBANON,the member of central leadership commitee, who was leading the revelutionery groups with SA3ED SAYEL during 1982 BEIROUT INVATION, then he left to Damascus leading the democratic wing of FATE7..Abu-Sale7 died in Damascus in 1990, god pless his soul with all our martyres,,RA7MAT ALLAH 3ALA ARWA7 SHOHADA2ENA,,we must not forget their SLOGAN= THAWRA ,THAWRA 7ATTA AL NASSR...