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al-Maghar المغار - אל-מע'אר -

District of al-Ramla
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for al-Maghar Village - Palestine: : ما تبقى من احد البيوت
Statistic/Fact Value
Israeli occupation date May 18, 1948
Distance from district center 12 (km) Southwest of al-Ramla
Elevation from the sea 50 (meters)
Map location See location number #40 on the map
Israeli military operation Operation Barak (lightening)
Israeli attacking brigade Giv'ati Brigade
Exodus Cause Military assault by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction by Israelis On June 10th 1948, the Jewish Army started leveling the village based on an order of Yosef Weitz (a Jewish National Fund official). However, few houses remain standing which were mostly looted by Israeli Jewish settlers.
Ethnically cleansed by Israelis al-Maghar inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Land ownership before occupation
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 11,252
Jewish 2,659
Public 1,479
Total 15,390
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum) Jewish (Dunum)
Area planted w/ citrus 1,772 194
Irrigated & Plantation 86 0
Area planted w/ olives 22 0
Planted W/ Cereal 9,261 2,431
Built up 31 0
Cultivable 11,119 2,625
Non-Cultivable 1,581 34
before occupation
Year Population
1922 966
1931 1,211
1945 1,740
1948 2,018
Est. Refugees 1998 12,395
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 255
1948 424
Schools An elementary school for boys, and in 1945 it had an enrollment of 170 students.
Notable people from town In the eighth century A.D, the village was the birthplace of the Islamic jurist Abu al-Hasan Muhammad al-Maghari.
Religious institutions One mosque
Nearby wadies & rivers The village is situated north of Wadi al-Maghar.
Exculsive jewish colonies on town's lands Beyt El'azari
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Town Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, all that remains of the village:
"A number of houses still stand: four of them are occupied by Jewish families and the rest are deserted. Some walls of demolished houses are still erect. "


Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
Raneem Alhour - Palestine
قاسم عمر عبدالرحمن الطويل - Turkey
مثقال - الخليل, فلسطين
رائد موسى محمد الطويل الطويل عمان, الاردن
ابو عمر جبر -
المشاغب الغريز غزة, النصيرات
angel - عمان
Mohd Alhour alhour Qatar
ابو يونس الطويل الغربية, جدة
المهاجر الهور مخيم العروب
السراج السراج القاهرة, مصر
mohammed ali al- taweel al taweel amman, jordan
ابو ربيع الهور -
ابنة الوطن جبر مخيم البريج, فلسطين
سنرجع يوما - طرابلس, ليبيا
Khaldoun Elias Jabr Jabr Amman, Jordan
ابو العز حمدان القطاع, البريج
أبو عامر جبر البريج, فلسطين
Alothmani Al-Othmani Kuwait
ابو عماد جبر , فلسطين
Ashraf Al hour Al hour Jordan, jordan
Mohammad Altaweel Altaweel Doha, Qatar
الفلسطيني انا الطويل عمان, الاردن
عاشقة الوطن الجريح الطويل عمان, الاردن
Abu Youssef Al- Tawil Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
العسود - -
سامي حمد حمد Michigan, USA
hadeel hamad hamad jordan
احمد حمد حمد الجزائر
خليلية خليلية جبع
alhour alhour doha, qatar
Abu Hani Al Sarraj Palestine, Palestine
Omar El Taweel - Palestine, Palestine
Mohammed Taha Alhour -
khaled al Hour Al Hour doha, Qatar
majed shaheen Palestine -
Mohammed Hamad Hamad Saudi Arabia
abo siraj jaber palestine, palestine
Ahmad Al Hour Al Hour Amman, Jordan
Rami Al Hour Taha UAE
Mohammed Altawil - Ontario, Canada
bilal ghani ocupied teritories, palestine
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