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Posted by sana Hamdan on OCTOBER-29-2009 #93379

I would not accept a new homeland other than Palestine for the whole world. My Palestine was and is and will always be my homeland although I've never been there. There is something that always makes me attached to it, maybe it's the fact that the blood that runs in my veins is made from its soil. I'm willing to leave everything behind just to get a glimpse of our village al Maghar where my grand parents had lived. May Allah bless their souls and have mercy on them.
Posted by M.eid on MAY-4-2009 #76013

no,,i dont accept a new homeland or compensation ,,everyone has the right to return to his/her homeland
Posted by عائلة الطويل on OCTOBER-30-2008 #55932

بالتأكيد وبدون أي أدني تفكير لا نقبل بالتوطين أو التعويض لأن ذرة تراب من بلدتنا المغار تساوي الكون بأكمله
وإن شاء الله لنا عودة ذات يوم
Posted by سنرجع يوما on OCTOBER-25-2008 #55618

طبعا انا لا اقبل التوظين ولا التعويض
قبالرغم من كل المعاناة التي قدنعانيها في الخارج
فانا اؤمن اني من تراب فلسطين جبلت وعظامي لن ترتاح سوى في ثراها
Posted by ابو عماد on JUNE-15-2008 #42183

أنا لا اقبل عن حق العودة أي بديل
فقط العودة لأرض الأجداد