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al-Ramla - الرمله : Franciscan Monastery in Ramla, 1962


Franciscan Monastery in Ramla, 1962

Posted by Prince, Peaceful Israeli on February 25, 2001
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I remember this church as Deir El Lateen, my grandfather used to have his green olives crop brought to the mill accross the road to have olive I right in this assessment ? it is also located on the road called Yaffa el Kuds ?I recall that it is located in or near SAKNET EL JAMAL
I just wanted to say that I am a refugee from Ramla and these pictures are all I've ever seen from Ramla (and will ever see, perhaps). I wish you could view as much pictures as possible because I really want to know more. If you could view pictures from abu elfadel I would be very thankful and I would show them to my aunt so she would tell me what she knows about them, and I would inform you, inshallah, thank you.