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The swilling of Jewish immigration and crystallization of Arab nationalism in Palestine. British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume I - Page 30
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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A financial commission early in 1931 under Hir Samuel O'Donnell Jed to a considerable retrenchment of staff and the curtailment of works and services.

October, 1931.

General Sir Arthur Wauchope succeeded Sir .John Chancellor as High Commissioner.

18th November , 1931.

The second census for Palestine showed a total population of 1,035,154, of whom 73.4% were Moslems, 16.9% Jews and 8.6% Christians.

16th December, 1931.

A Moslem Congress, attended by 145 delegates from all parts of the Moslem world, assembled at Jerusalem under the chairmanship of Raj Amin Eff. el Husseini. Its public proceedings were not political and did not lead to any disorders. But the Congress strengthened the position and prestige of Raj Amin.


The year was marked by refusal of the Arabs to co-operate with the .Iews in every field. The Arab Executive declared a bovcott of the "Levant •Fair" at Tel Aviv. Arabs invited to serve as members on a Government education committee declined to accept and two Arab members of the Road Board resigned.

This year saw the beginning of the formation of regularly constituted Arab political parties. The Istiqlal (Independence) Party and the Congress Executive of Nationalist Youth were created.

The High Commissioner announced to the Permanent Mandates Commission that the Legislative Council promised in the White Paper of 1030 would be established after a new Local Government Ordinance had been brought into operation.

Period V. January, 1933-March, 1936. The swelling of Jewish immigration and the crystallization o! Arab nationalism in Palestine.


The establishment of a National-Socialist regime in Germany in January led almost immediately to a steady increase in immigration into Palestine; the number of immigrants jumped from 9,553 in 1932 to 30,327 in 1933; and Jewish capital invested in Palestine and imports of capital goods also increased rapidly.
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