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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Historical Summary, Period VIII: September, 1939-October, 1942. The period of political Dormancy during the Early Years of the World War.Volume I - Page 56
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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Owing to disruption of its work during the war the policy of the White Paper was not considered by the Council of the League.

13th July, 1939.

The Secretary of State announced in the House of Commons that as a result of the increase in Jewish illegal immigration the immigration quota for October, 1939, to March, 1940, would be suspended. This caused widespread expressions of anger in the Jewish community and a Jewish general strike of 24 hours was held in protest. Jewish acts of terrorism increased in intensity thereafter.

17th August, 1939.

The Permanent Mandates Commission's report on the White Paper, questioning its consistency with the terms of the Mandate, and a memorandum by His Majesty's Government in reply thereto, were published.

16th-25th August., 1939.

The Zionist Congress was held at Geneva. The tone was one of strong opposition to the White Paper but of friendship towards Great Britain.

26th August, .1939.

Two British police inspectors, engaged on the investigation of Revisionist terrorism, were murdered in Jerusalem by bomb.

Period VIII. September, 1939-0ctober, 1942. The Period o! Political Dormancy during the Early Years o! World War.

1st September, 1939.

With the outbreak of war the Jews unanimously agreed to put aside their differences with British policy and demonstrated their loyalty to the cause of the democracies. Jewish terrorist acts ceased completely and the illegal broadcasting station which had previously been operating for some months closed down. The Jewish Agency issued an appeal calling on all Jews in Palestine to close their ranks and offer their full assistance to Great Britain. To implement this call for unity Mr. Pinhas Rutenberg was elected President of the Executive of the Vaad Leumi on 17th September and charged with the task of healing the factional differences

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