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The Central Government and Its Finances: Constitution And Administration in Palestine. British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume I - Page 108. Chapter IV:
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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The organic law establishing the constitution of Palestine is the Palestine Orders in Council 1922-1940 made in pursuance of powers conferred by the Foreign Jurisdiction Act, 1890, of the United Kingdom and other powers enabling His Majesty in that behalf. Particulars of the various Orders in Council comprised in the Palestine Orders in Council 1922-1940 are given in appendix 'A'. The initial Order in Council of 1922 came into force on the 1st September, 1922. The Orders in Council entrust the administration of the country to a High Commissioner. The system of Government is as prescribed by these Orders which make provision regarding, inter alia, the powers and responsibilities of the High Commissioner, the Executive, the Legislative and Judicial system, the safeguarding of the civil rights of citizens and foreigners and the physical boundaries of Palestine.

2. The High Commissioner is appointed by His Majesty the Ring by a commission under the Royal Sign Manual and Signet for the execution of the duties of his office in accordance with any Orders in Council applicable to Palestine and also according to such Instructions for the purpose of executing the provisions of the Mandate as may be given by His Majesty and to the laws of Palestine. The Royal Instructions at present applicable were passed by King George Yon the 1st January, 1()32 *. The High Commissioner reports to the Secretary of State for the Colonies who is responsible to Parliament like others of His Majesty's Ministers. Under the Royal Instructions and Colonial Regulations certain matters must be referred to the Secretary of State, by whom, notably, the annual budget must be approved. In this way Palestine, although not possessing responsible self-government of its own, is subject to the ultimate sanction of Parliamentary control; and the High Commissioner's powers are circumscribed by this overriding authority in addition to and irrespective of the limitations imposed upon him by the formal constitution to which reference is made above. The High Commissioner's title, conferred by His Majesty, includes that of Commander-in-Chief in
* Drayton, Vol. III, pages 2659.2668.

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