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International Convention Affecting Labor in Palestine before 1948 (Nakba), British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume II - Page 751. Chapter XVII: Labour And Wages: Section 5
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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37. The Trade Boards Ordinance, 1945*, is based mainly on the British Trade Boards Acts of 1909 and 1918, with an extension in regard to the fixing of minimum conditions of employment other than wages, and modifications in procedure to suit local conditions. The main object is to secure a proper standard of living for unskilled workers in insufficiently organized industries. The main provisions are briefly as follows : The High Commissioner is empowered to establish a trade board for a particular trade or group of trades. He announces his intention and two months' time is allowed thereafter for objections and modifications of the board's terms of reference. The Director, Department of Labour, is responsible for the administration of the Ordinance. Boards are constituted on the English model, and there are safeguards against abuse. The board's main duty is to fix a general minimum time-rate. It may fix, where applicable, a general minimum piece-rate, a guaranteed time rate and an overtime rate. Minimum conditions of employment, such as daily hours of work, overtime payment and their like, may also be fixed. All such rates and conditions may be fixed universally for the trade or for various areas, processes or classes of workers. Decisions of trade boards regarding the fixing, cancellation or variation of rates or conditions are safeguarded against abuse, by being notified to the Director, Department of Labour, and then forwarded to the High Commissioner, with comments, for his confirmation. Workers unable, through infirmity, to earn the normal minimum time-rates are exempted from the application of those rates. Matters may be referred to boards by any Government Department, for recommendation.

Section 5.


38. The extent to which international Conventions have been applied in Palestine is indicated hereunder:-

(i) Hours of Work (industry) Convention 1919.

Except -

(a) for children, young persons (age 16 to 18) and women whose hours of work are limited and regulated under the Employment of Children and Young Persons Ordinance, 1945, and the Employment of Women Ordinance, 1945; and

(b) where awards of arbitration boards set up under the Defence (Trade Disputes) Order, 1942, limit the hours of work to eight per day or 48 per week,

the requirements of this Convention have not been applied in Palestine.
* Gazette No. 1427 of 28/7/45, supplement No. l, page 117.