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Post Office Service in Palestine before 1948 (Nakba), British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume II - Page 866. Chapter XX: Communication : Section 5:
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Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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Posted by Webmaster on June 14, 2013 #151162


40. The numbers of tyres which it is estimated will be required for Palestine civilian transport needs during 1946 are as follows :-

Type of vehicle

Number of tyres 9,000(giants) 21,000(giants) 4,000





Heavy commercial Light commercial Taxis

Private cars Motor cycles

totalling 30,000 giant size and 22,450 light car sizes together per annum.

41. Some particulars of the Government revenue derived from motor vehicles are given in paragraph 67 (1) in section 6 of chapter XIV; statistics of traffic are given in paragraph 128 of section 4 of chapter XII and also in paragraph 33 in this chapter.

Section 5.


42. The Department of Posts and Telegraphs administers 127 post offices and agencies, has an establishment of 2,525, excluding casual labour, and handles annually 46 million letters, postcards, printed matter articles and parcels, 47 million telephone calls and one million telegrams. Its annual revenue is about £P.l,400,000. It is banker for £P.l,438,000 of the people's savings. Statistics showing the growth of the department's activities since 1924 are given in the three tables following this section.

43. The headquarters of the department are in the General Post Office building, Jerusalem. The country is divided into three "Divisions", each of which is under the control of a Deputy Controller of Posts for traffic purposes, and a Divisional Engineer for engineering purposes. For engineering purposes the Gaza-Beersheba area is excluded from the aforementioned divisions and is under the control of an Assistant Engineer who is also responsible for the maintenance of the Sinai telegraph route from Rafa to Kantara. The accounts and savings organization is concentrated in Jerusalem; and the departmental stores organization is accommodated at Haifa.

44. There are four head post offices, two of which are in State buildings (Jerusalem and Jaffa), and two in rented buildings (Haifa and Tel Aviv). Branch post offices in the main towns and post offices elsewhere are housed in State or rented buildings. The four main telephone exchanges are in State buildings.