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Mining And Oil Mining Concessions in Palestine before 1948 (Nakba),British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume II - Page 978. Chapter XXV: Concessions and Mining : Section 2
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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agreement provided that in the event of war between the mandatory Power for Palestine and any other Power or in the event of any grave emergency within Palestine the Government should take over the administration of these lighthouses until the end of the war or state of emergency. Following the occupation of Paris by the Germans in 1940 the effective control of the administration of the Company passed to their agent in Haifa. For a short period light dues were paid to a Government suspense account; but on 1st February 1941 normal business relations were resumed with the Company's agent under the first proviso to section 3(2) of the Trading with the Enemy Ordinance, 1939* subject to stringent conditions for the control of expenditure by the agent. The administration of the lighthouses was left in the hands of the Company's agent throughout the war subject to this control of expenditure by the civil authorities and to control of operation by the authorities responsible for defence. Light dues collected by the concessionaires in 1938 amounted to £P .35 ,414 of which 50% accrued to Government under the terms of the concession.

Section 2.


16. Mining operations and prospecting for minerals (other than oil) are controlled under the Mining Ordinance, 1925. ** This Ordinance prohibits the exploration for minerals and mining except with the permission of the Controller of Mines (the Director of Public 'Works who administers the provisions of the Ordinance). The types of permission which may be granted under the Ordinance are as follows :-

(a) The holder of an exploration permit has the exclusive right to explore a specified area and has the preferential and exclusive right to obtain a prospecting licence over a portion or portions of the area selected by him not exceeding a certain percentage thereof. He is obliged to carry out a geological and mineral survey of the area and to supply the Government with all reports, maps etc. relevant thereto. Government is entitled to publish, after a certain period, such reports and
* Laws of 1939, Vol. I. page 97.
** Drayton, Vol. IL page 938.