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Local Government in Palestine : British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Supplement - Page 5
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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Posted by Webmaster on June 16, 2013 #151380


Supplementing Volume I, Chapter V, pages 128--139. (p. 129)

(§ 5)

The number of local authorities of each type and the racial composition in 1947 were as follows:-

Type Arab J Jewish J Mixed I Total

Municipal councils Local councils Village councils

18 11 40

2 26

24 38 40





(p. 131) (§ lie)

There have been no additions to the list of municipal councils and local councils shown on pages 130-131 of the Survey of Palestine. A number of new village councils have, however, come into existence. The following is a complete list of village councils as on 1st April, 1947 :-


Name of Council Ara.bor Population
Jewish 1944
-- ----
Abu Dis Arab 1,940
Beituniy& Arab 1}490
Bir Zeit Arab 1,560
Deir Dibwan Arab 2,080
Ein Karem Arab 3,180
El Khadr Arab 1,130
El Maliha Arab 1,940
Sil wad Arab 1,910
Sinjil Arab 1,320
Baqa el Gharbiya Ar'ab 2,240
Et Taiyiba. Arab 4,290
Et Tira Arab 3,180
Illar Arab 1,450
Julame Arab 460
Salfit Arab 1,830
Tuhas Arab 5,530
El Buqei'a Arab 990
El Khalisa Arab 1,840
Ez Zib Arab 1,910
Fir' in Arab 740 District

Page 5