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Land: Supplementing in Palestine before Nakba, Legislation, Settlement of Land Title, Land Registration, Volume I, Chapter VIII, Pages 225 - 308, British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Supplement - Page 28
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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Posted by Webmaster on June 16, 2013 #151401


Supplementing Volume I, Chapter VIII, pages 225-308.


(p. 225) (§ I)

The land law of Palestine embraces the system of tenures inherited from the Ottoman regime enriched by amendments, mostly of a declaratory character, enacted since the British occupation, on the authority of the Palestine Order-in-Council 1922-40.

The following is a list of the Ordinances enacted by the Palestine Government modifying Ottoman Land Legislation :-

1. Land Disputes (Possession) Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 76, Vol. II, pa9e 832.

2. Land Law (Amendment) Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 78, Vol. II, page 848.

3. Land (Mewat) Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 79, Vol.

II, page 852.

4. Land (Settlement of Title) Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 80, Vol. II, page 853.

5. Land Transfer Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 81, Vol.

II, page 881.

6. Public Lands Ordinance, 1942-Supplement 1 to Palestine Gazette 1182, page 39.

7. Land (Acquisition for Public Purposes) Ordinance, 1943, Supplement 1 to Palestine Gazette 1305, page 44.

8. Cultivators (Protection) Ordinance--Laws of Palestine, Cap. 40, Vol. I, page 506.

9. Mortgage Law (Amendment) Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 95, Vol. II, page 1011.

10. Law of Execution Further Provisions Ordinance, 1936, Supplement 1 to Palestine Gazette 601, page 211.

11. Land Courts Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 75, Vol.

II, page 828.

12. Antiquities Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 5, Vol. I, page 28.

13. Forest Ordinance, Laws of Palestine, Cap. 61, Vol. I, page 710.

14. Mining Ordinance-Laws of Palestine, Cap. 94, Vol. II, page 938.