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The Atlas of Palestine 1948 By Dr. Salman Abu Sitta
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on December 22, 2006

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Posted by Ayman Hammoudeh, MD on January 30, 2013 #148587

A Palestinian 1948 town near Jaffa (called Beit Dajan) populated by Arab Palestinians for 5000 years was evacuated by the zionist gangs on April 25, 1948: See its details at
Posted by patricia trujillo on July 27, 2011 #136615

THANK SO MUCH FOR THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION.If is posible the spanish language is important to more people can have.THANK'S
Posted by Debra Bowser on May 23, 2011 #134629

Thank you so much for providing this extensive informative site. I am so weary of the lies and propaganda against Palestine and Palestinians. They shall succeed with help from sites like this!
Posted by peter rooney on May 11, 2011 #134015

I am very grateful for finding this site. It has been difficult getting such valuable information. Thank you
Posted by أيمن محمد زقوت العسقلاني on April 29, 2010 #110945

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على خير الأنام سيدي محمد رسول الله
أتقدم بجزيل الشكر وأشعر بالسرور والفرحة عندما أجد أحدا مهتم بقضيتنا وقضية اللاجئين ومعا وسويا نحقق الأفضل ونصبغ الذاكرة الفلسطينية بتراثها وأرضها حتى ترجع إليهم سالمة أمنة من أيدي اليهود الظالمين أحفاذ القردة والخنازير
ألهم كما صبرنا كافئنا
الهم امين