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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف : The Wailing Wall, Matson Collection. (Before 1914)
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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف : The Wailing Wall, Matson Collection. (Before 1914)

  Uploaded on July 3, 2007

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Posted by ملاك سعيد on July 21, 2017 #158555

مستحيل أن تكون هذه الصورة قبل عام ١٩١٤ .. أثناء الحكم العثماني كان اليهود ممنوعون من دخول القدس
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on December 11, 2011 #140109

During the British mandate of Palestine, a commision was formed in 1930, and a ruling on the ownership of the wall was issued by the commision.

Subsequent to the investigation it has made, the Commission herewith declares that the ownership of the Wall, as well as the possession of it and of those parts of its surroundings that are here in question, accrues to the Moslems. The Wall itself as being an integral part of the Haram-esh-Sherif area is Moslem property. From the inquiries conducted by the Commission, partly in the Sharia Court and partly through the hearing of witnesses' evidence, it has emerged that the Pavement in front of the Wall, where the Jews perform their devotions, is also Moslem property.
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on March 6, 2010 #105657

Al-Buraq Wall
Posted by Miri Barak on January 29, 2010 #102226

This is interesting because in the picture men and women pray together. Nowadays there is a complete separation.