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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف : قبة الصخرة المشرفة
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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف : قبة الصخرة المشرفة

Posted by فلسطين Uploaded on September 13, 2007
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Posted by ATW on September 5, 2009 #88240

The Dome of the Rock and Mosque of Omar are two separate places and distant from each other.

This cupola has been covered with gold ever since it was built, due to the piety of the master-builders, Rija ibn Haya and Yazid ibn Salim, who spent upon this luminous covering all that remained of the wealth that had been entrusted to them for the purpose of erecting the monument. Travelers and pilgrims have compared the cupola to a mountain made up of supernatural light, or else to a sun when its gold glitters in the dazzling light of Palestinian mornings, noons, and dusks, with endless variations in the intensity of shades.
Posted by George on December 30, 2008 #61566

Mosque of Omar, or Dome of the Rock showing the cheap and nasty anodised aluminium finish of the 1950's - the dome was re-gilded more professionally by an Irish Co. under King Hussein's patronage in 1992-1994 - I do prefer the lead roof that originally covered it, like I prefer the minarets without electric loudspeakers! The gold is too noisy, too tacky. The tiles are Armenian - famous artisans in the art of ceramics.